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8/6/23, 3:47 PM Case – BUS303 Business Communication (2023JUL17FT-1) 1/3 Module 2 – Case PERSUASION Case Overview The Power of Social Media and Public Relations Many organizations use social media as part of marketing and public relations campaigns to keep the company ahead of the competition and in the minds of current and future … Read more

Breast Cancer Global Quality Care, Barriers, And Strategies For Intervention

Breast Cancer Global Quality Care, Barriers, and Strategies for Intervention   Breast Cancer Global Quality Care, Barriers, and Strategies for Intervention Breast cancer rates vary worldwide. These rates differ among age, women and men, and different ethnicities. In 2020 there were 1.1 per 100,000 new cases of breast cancer in men and 118.8 per 100,000 … Read more

Forum Response

First post: I thought this article was quite interesting. The research study on the Functional Analysis and Treatment of Cigarette Pica was interesting and informative to read about and evaluate in real-life situations. In this field, you come across clients on the spectrum who have intensive behavioral intervention plans based on SIB, Pica, and Stereotypical … Read more


NRNP 6675: PMHNP Care Across the Lifespan II   Career Planner Guide   Your Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner is due by Day 7 of Week 10. It is highly recommended that you begin planning and working on this Assignment as early in the quarter as is feasible for you. The following checklists outline all … Read more

Purpose Statement

Project Justification Template Grading Rubric Project Justification Statement Content Criteria (All content criteria must be scored at Satisfactory or higher by Week Nine for a passing grade in ADP Planning I) • Contain at least one or two paragraphs that convey the relevance of the over-arching topic in which the proposed research study is grounded. … Read more

Mini-Literature On Cardiovascular Disease

Mini-literature on Cardiovascular Disease The topic that i decided for my Capstone project is Cardiovascular disease in minority population. My rationale for selecting these particular subject matter is because it is not talked about in my community, the African American community. American Hospital Association (AHA) in an article published on Jan 18th, 2022, stated that Disparities in cardiovascular disease … Read more


My personal board of directors would consists of my family more specific my brother and my oldest daughter and my mother. I chose these 3 particular people out of family because I know they will give their upmost support but also hold me accountable when necessary. each one of them will play a vital role … Read more