Week 4 Law

Assignment Details In Part 1 of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, you completed the Separation of Employment and Noncompete Policies about the process and procedures for employees’ separation from the company and a description of the instances where employees would be subject to noncompete agreements. In Part 2 of the Personnel Policies and Procedures … Read more

Discussion 6

Think about an issue at work or in some other facet of your life in which a regression analysis is applicable to come up with a way to predict a particular quantitative outcome (the dependent) variable.  Discuss this situation, describe the dependent and independent variables involved, and how regression analysis could be beneficial. In addition, … Read more

Team Management Team

write an 5-7 page paper on a conflict that he or she experienced in an organizational setting.  The submission must be typed, double-spaced, and have uniform 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font.  The organizational analysis will contain the following sections: ·      Background and history that led to the conflict. ·      How/why did the … Read more


Preparation The following video is about many of Cournot’s contributions. Pay attention to the demonstration here of the Cournot Duopoly as a Nash equilibrium. The video nicely illustrates this complicated model with pictures—no math! This is exactly the game we play in this week’s discussion. Cournot Links to an external site.. Your instructor may also … Read more

A final

You must provide motivation for the chosen topic and clearly express your objectives in the context of investment decisions in emerging markets. You must be able to collect, present, and analyze data relevant for the issues you consider. In other words, your essay should be an empirical work (literature survey are not permitted). The essay should also use market data (e.g., market returns, and … Read more


Select any transaction that is accounted for differently under IFRS and U.S. GAAP.  What are these differences? Examples of problematic areas include discretionary reserves, goodwill, deferred taxes, inventory valuation, segmental information, asset valuation policies and hidden reserves. Go to the International Financial Reporting Statements Foundation (IFRS) website. Research any recent IFRS exposure draft. Explain the … Read more


 Develop channel insights by incorporating technology and software, with open source and historical data, to facilitate planning and preparation of business reports useful to supply chain operations. You have explored two areas of the SCA model, the Execution Phase and the People Phase. With execution, you earn positive results. Considering people, you connect how human … Read more

12 Hours. Questions

Solve the following problems from your text in an MS Word document with questions using APA style. Your answers should provide thoughtful, supporting details, and examples and graphics as necessary   Chapter 11 Mark’s Macho Marbles collected the following information to develop a standard time for building marbles.   Observations Element (in minutes) 1 2 … Read more

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All discussions must include below guidelines and any textbook references are from Strategic Management : Competitiveness & Globalization, Concepts and Cases  Author: Hitt, Michael A.; Ireland, R. Duane; Hoskisson, Robert E. Publication Date: 2019-05-08 Writing Guidelines: Follow the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS)guidelines and SWS Discussion Post Checklist. Use the Answer, Cite, Explain (ACE) Method for paragraph writing. Ensure grammar and … Read more