Outline the process that occurs when a hardware interrupt is generated by a disk controller. Set the context for the interrupt (disk read or write) and describe how an interrupt handler would address the event. After your initial post, review the posts of several students and respond constructively to two of your peers’ posts. In … Read more


Today’s companies face many security challenges to their networks, and a company’s incident manager needs to be ready to respond to potential threats. Some of those threats can occur from the actions of well-intentioned employees who fail to follow security protocols, and others can arise from disgruntled workers who may be able to access accounts … Read more


Assignment 4: ERD Use the following business rules to create a Crow’s Foot ERD. Write all appropriate connectivity and cardinalities in the ERD.  A department employs many employees, but each employee is employed by only one department.  Some employees, known as “rovers,” are not assigned to any department.  A division operates many … Read more


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Senior management at Health Network has decided they want a business impact analysis (BIA) that examines the company’s data center and a business continuity plan (BCP). Because of the importance of risk management to the organization, management has allocated all funds for both efforts. Your team … Read more

Module 4 – Project: Use Array List, Tabs, And J List Controls

Course Project DeVry University College of Engineering and Information Sciences   Course Number: CIS355A   Module 4: Use Array List and Tabs, J List Controls   Objectives Add Tabs to GUI application Add JList to GUI application Use ArrayList to process object arrays Our GUI application is starting to look very nice! Our main GUI … Read more

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It is time to show off all of your incredible talent and all that you have learned by programming a simple card game, we will use the concept of poker, but without actual cards.  You will have three separate, or internal classes that will: Instantiate a Card Instantiate a Deck of those Cards, and shuffle … Read more


Many companies and agencies conduct IT audits to test and assess the rigor of IT security controls in order to mitigate risks to IT networks. Such audits meet compliance mandates by regulatory organizations. Federal IT systems follow Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) guidelines and report security compliance to US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency … Read more

Computer Science ITMG Week 3 Assignment

Instructions Format: •    Complete the assignment in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading. •    When assigning a name to your document, use the following format: Lastname-Assignment#. •    Make sure to include a title page (with your name and date) and a reference page (with your sources). •    Double-space paper, 1-inch margins, 12-point font. •    This assignment … Read more