Soft constru -3

  1. Modify the payroll program in the weekly module to add overtime and write a Visual logic program or a flow diagram for it. 2. Write a Visual logic program that creates a *****  answer sheet using a nested loop as shown in fig. 4.5. Instead of using a constant, the program may ask … Read more

Types of Memory

Question 1 Application of Amdahl’s Law: Answer the following two questions and show your work: What is the overall speedup if you make 15% of a program 85 times faster? What is the overall speedup if you make 85% of a program 15 times faster  Question 2 Consider a dynamic RAM that must be given … Read more

Programming jan 28

Instructions Make sure to work through the notebooks in the Reading Assignment first.  This homework is not related to Simulations directly. The goal is to make sure you are comfortable programming basic Python code using Jupyter Notebooks. Start early, ask questions. Watch video presentation for extra help. Your entire homework description is contained in the … Read more

I/O Devices

Assignment Content Question 1 In virtually all systems that include DMA modules, DMA to main memory is given higher priority than CPU access to main memory. Why?  Question 2 When a device interrupt occurs, how does the processor determine which device issued the interrupt?  Question 3 A system is based on an 8-bit microprocessor and … Read more

Machine Learning Model Training .

  Assignment 2 B: Machine Learning Model Training  • Two multi-part, multiple-choice questions, and short-answer questions. •  2B HTML Scenario file link  •  Q1 & Q2 m/c questions and short answers questions are shown in the attached question sheet. • Lecture notes on Machine Learning in Healthcare for your reference