Entr 200 Assign. 6

In addition to wages you will pay to a new employee, other costs will be incurred. For this assignment, determine the total cost of one new employee. What is the annual salary of this new position? How did you arrive at this amount. What is the benefit package you would offer this new employee? What is the cost of … Read more

Revise All Areas 2

EDD Prospectus Form   Students | Complete your  EDD project study or EdD  dissertation prospectus using this form. Write using a scholarly tone and include in-text citations and APA 7 reference entries, where appropriate. Note that the areas shaded in green provide directions to help you complete the  form .Your responses should be inserted in … Read more

Annotated Collection Of The University’s Academic Support Resources

For ADE or DSE: choose ADE: see the information below:   EdD Students The Doctor of Education (EdD) is completed using the Applied Dissertation Experience (ADE). Per the ADE handbook (2020). The applied doctoral project or dissertation-in-practice is a substantial, scholarly work conducted independently by a candidate under the guidance of faculty members comprising the … Read more


Below is an Essay that I need help with.  This essay needs to be strong, so it reaches all board members’ attention.   Please write with strong points.  I am trying to become (Direct Commission for an Officer in the United Staes Army.       Narrative essay (750 words): This should be a statement that can … Read more

Elementary Methods-Mathematics

Exam Content Top of Form As an elementary educator, the foundation of any good unit of instruction is the planning and preparation you complete to set you and your students up for a successful experience. Planning lessons that apply instructional strategies, assessment, differentiation, and technology tools to support student engagement and learning of mathematics is key to your … Read more


Overview For this Assessment, you will answer a series of short answer  questions to demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts and  principles related to the study of world religions. Instructions To complete this Assessment, do the following: Download the RE2001 Assessment Template and answer each question in 1–3 paragraphs. Download the Writing Checklist to review prior to submitting … Read more

Week 5 Math

In the discussion forum for this week, you will create a scenario that requires the use of a binomial distribution. Before posting your problem, please review the criteria for a binomial distributions by reviewing Week 5 Binomial distribution and Binomial Distribution in Excel Week 5. Instructions: For your post you will make up a problem that uses binomial … Read more


635 Module 9: Communication Skills Discussion Instruction: Please I need feedback this classmate and answer her questions please   Please use only these resources: Cook, R. E., Klein, M. D., & Chen, D. (2020). Adapting early childhood curricula for children with disabilities and special needs. Pearson. Miller, A. (2020). Strategies for improving small group instruction. Edutopia. https://www.edutopia.org/article/strategies-improving-small-group-instructio   … Read more

Questions 1

Review the financial statements provided in module five about Mississippi College or the University of Mississippi and provide a brief five minute presentation about the current financial situation of the University and a second five minute presentation about the risks which may affect the University in the future (you may want to include some information … Read more


626 Module 9 Discussion Board Please post one thread and respond to two of your classmates: How do you think teachers are best able to support families as they go through obtaining IFSP’s and IEP’s? What do you think most families expect from teachers as they go through this process? (Post one answer to the question and at least two responses to … Read more