Covid 19 Hesitancy is splitting dangerously along partisan lines. What do you believe should be the next step(s) to ensure that the coronavirus spread is decreased? (i.e. should receiving the vaccine be mandatory for all ? why or why not? Why do you believe that certain groups of individuals are skeptical about getting the Coronavirus … Read more


Teens shouldn’t be allowed to cook or learn to cook for a variety of reasons, including a lack of confidence and inadequate kitchen abilities. The history of occurrences brought on by teenagers using the kitchen Teens’ immaturity can result in disastrous events that can be averted by forbidding them from cooking or, at the very … Read more


Considering the elements and principles of art (see a list of 15 of them below), analyze the following piece of art and explain how it reflects its culture.  Note: watch this video to understand the culture of the moment (what is happening in Picasso’s country and the world): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI4OABAP4Is Mention the following Art terms  1) … Read more


These are the second set of journals: “My Family Slave” Journal “No Name Woman” Journal Technology Video Journal Environmental Journal Me Too Movement Journal Hector Journal: Week 10 Harry and Rosie: Week 10

Downward/Upward/Horizontal letters

   Be thorough in your letters.  Include details; be vigilant with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.  Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins. Remember inside addresses (which are single-spaced) and signature blocks.  These are letters, not emails. 

Assistive Technology Questions

Resources to answer questions attached below:   Module 14 Videos Chapter 13 The SETT FrameworkLinks to an external site. How to consider AT for students using the SETT FrameworkLinks to an external site. Quality Indicators for Assistive TechnologyLinks to an external site. Chapter 14 Assistive Technology in the IEPLinks to an external site. Assistive Technology … Read more

Culture & ID Intro Discussion

Please read the Culture & Identity introductionhen, using the intro and lines or images from the poem to bolster your answer, respond to one of the questions at the end of the Culture & Identity introduction (there are four to choose from). You may combine the questions in any way you like, or you can … Read more


How does Salman Rushdie’s incorporation of various pop/cultural/historical references reflect upon broader themes of Indian nationalism and postcolonialism? The recorded lecture will provide context to guide your response. As a part of your submission, include any other thoughts, impressions, etc. Do not summarize the story.

Week 8

Good Day writer, Please see the attached screenshot.  Book: Ethics 101 by John Maxwell https://www.weeklywisdomblog.com/post/ethics-101-book-summary-and-application