case study report

The report is not to exceed 5 pages including a separate title and reference page and include at least two references in addition to the textbook.  It must be typewritten using Times New Roman 12pt. font, 1-inch margins according to APA Style Guide, 6th ed. Case Study Analysis should not exceed 5 pages and include … Read more

Unit 5 cultural diversity

In this unit, you will celebrate the rich and thriving communities impacting your life both directly and indirectly.          Download the Community, Art, and Identity Template Follow the template instructions Demonstrate your understanding of key concepts from the weekly content by including analysis of specific evidence in your responses within the template. Use in-text citations … Read more

How to Solve Windows 10 Boot Loop?

  A computer becomes stuck in an endless reboot cycle when something goes wrong during the operation. This is a problem that Windows has had for a long time. This might be possible if boot loop Windows 10 is activated to start a particular app or hardware connection. The solution to a boot loop is … Read more

Reading passage

Read the following passage:      “Rudy never talked much about his time in the Navy. He didn’t want his kids to pick up his pessimism. He’d joined up right out of high school, half excited to get out of the Chicago neighborhood he’d grown up in, half scared that he wouldn’t be coming back. … Read more


In your teams, write an interview summary using the information in the PDF attached below. This is a mock-interview, this will not be the same data that you will use on your Employment Outlook Report. This is to give you some practice summarizing both your primary and secondary research. THE ASSIGNMENT IS DUE IN 5 … Read more


  Select a job or internship posting from an online source or newspaper based on your current qualifications. If you’re planning on graduating this year, approach this assignment as if you have your degree. If you want to target a job in your career field but lack sufficient skills, identify an internship opportunity. Design and … Read more


  In your Midterm Evaluation, your site supervisor provided feedback on your internship performance to-date. Your supervisor rated you on many aspects of your performance; this rating is meant to encourage growth as you move forward in this role and in your future employment  You will meet with your Career Advisor in a 1-1 appointment … Read more

Cultural diversity unit 5

Why might musicians use their music to raise awareness and consciousness about different social issues? In your response please use at least one example (from the video, from your own community or from a different resource) in order to illustrate your points. Artists and musicians often choose to utilize public spaces.  Why might a song, … Read more

Courting a Monk

 After going through the presentation Tone, Style and Irony what do you think is the tone of the story Courting a Monk (pages 394-405) by Katherine Min. Your answer must be 150   Courting a Monk