Discussion – Climate Change

 Discuss the following questions pertaining to climate change policy.  Should there be an effort at the federal and/or state level to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change?  If not, should there be an effort made by public and private industry?  Why or why not?    Response must be 300 words or more APA format.

community health

There are many factors that make people healthy or ill.  This week we will focus on the social factors and determinants that impact health. It is time to get out into your community! Go online to the U.S. Census Bureau at https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/ (Links to an external site.) (*note, you will be using this website in the … Read more

Book of ra deluxe 1000x

Dobry wieczór wszystkim. Minęło trochę czasu odkąd pisałem na forum. Może ktoś mnie zapamięta. W każdym razie mam pytanie: zdarzyło mi się grać w book of ra w kasynie (nie wymieniam nazwisk, ale to jest to, które ma wszystko w Book of ra https://www.slotozilla.com/pl/automaty/book-of-ra, a teraz nie mogę w to zagrać …) z dobre wyniki, … Read more


In general, how can the U.S. (where individuals generate 5 pounds of waste per day) address the waste issue? Nuclear weapons testing released nuclear radiation into the environment. These tests have always been justified as necessary for national security. Do you agree with this? What are the risks? What are the benefits?


The Best Contraceptives? It has been said that in nations seeking to reduce their population growth rate, a combination of sustainable economic development along with improved educational and socio-economic opportunities for women are the best “contraceptives” (i.e. ways to reduce a woman’s total fertility rate; don’t know this term? Look it up before posting). A. … Read more

define key terms

Write answers to (5) of the following (9) key terms.  A full paragraph is sufficient as you explain the concept(s) and show how they are important to understanding globalization.   1) Nationalism 2) Multilateralism AND bilateralism 3) Borders 4) Bretton Woods system 5) Danger of a single story (Adichie) 6) Free trade 7) Paris Climate … Read more