DQ1 and 2 At 150 w0rds for $4 ASAP

  DQ1 Describe the process of data cleansing, or data cleaning, and explain why this process is important. Dq2 Select a registry in your state. Discuss what they collect, how often they report and how this data could be used to inform changes in public health improvements and outcomes.

50-100 Word Discussion response

 What influence does public opinion have on health care policy? There seems to be a bit of the tail wagging the dog on this issue.  Politicians have known that if you promise to give people “free” things and money, people are greedy enough to take them and foolish enough to believe that its all free.  … Read more

50-100 Word Discussion response

 Healthcare in the United States will always make news. Public opinion play an important role because representatives receive feedback on ideas that can impact their communities. If a majority of the public do not like a healthcare policy, most lawmakers will not bring up as a bill and it will be hard to pass both … Read more

Pay for Performance (P4P)

The U.S. healthcare system has been criticized for high cost, inefficacy, and issues with quality. P4P is an approach to incentivize physicians and health care provider organizations to achieve improved performance by increasing the quality of care and reducing costs. In three to five double-spaced pages, address the following: · Define the challenges in designing … Read more

Discussion Board Week 5 HSIN

 Post an article that includes at least 1-2 of the following concepts: Why is the document presenting racial ethnic differences? Does distinguishing group difference guide our understanding or racism? Do they make conclusions that could stereotype racial groups? What other factors could explain racial differences? Provide a summary of the article in your own words. … Read more

Provider Contracts

 Watch the following video Health care price-transparency: Provider-Network contracting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV9d39rdSD0). In 400 to 500 words, address the following: Discuss common issues in the contracting process. Describe four provider obligations commonly included in managed care contracts. Explain the importance of provider contracts in maintaining a provider network. Support your response with at least two scholarly sources … Read more

Healthcare Provider Payments

 In 400 to 500 words, address the following: Explain the pros and cons of four provider payment methods: (a) fee-for-service, (b) capitation, (c) global capitation, and (d) bundled payment. Based on your review of the above payment methods, what is your recommendation for the mainstream of provider payment(s)? Be sure to include a detailed account … Read more