World History

WORLD HISTORY, PAPER I European nineteenth century imperialism had many faces— cultural, economic, moral, geostrategic, social, racial, and native resistance and cooperation. The purpose of this assignment is critically to examine some of these interactions (connections, comparisons, and globalization) as reflected in the following documents: The Standard Treaty (posted to Blackboard; do not fill out … Read more


1. “The Supreme Io and the Creation of the World,” by Maori, and the “Yoruba Creation Narrative,” by the Yuraba people, are similar in the ways how societies believed in higher beings creating everything as well as the existence of something being present before the creation of humans such as bodies of water, higher beings, … Read more


Creation Stories:  Select one creation story from the assigned reading in World’s Wisdom and one from World Together Worlds Apart Chapter 1 (see the end of the chapter).  Compare the stories.  How are they similar? How do they differ?  How might these inform our understanding about the peoples/societies that told these stories? Dance, Creativity, Trade:   Choose two of the three topics.  Briefly, summarize what was … Read more


summary should be a maximum two paragraphs in length (300 words) find relevant literature from any of this: Library electronic databases (JSTOR, SAGE journals, Ebook Central, SCOPUS, Web of Science, etc.) Google scholar database website Government reports, policy documents, etc. Note:- it should be one article one References

HIS 100 Module Four Activity Template: Bias In Primary Sources

HIS 100 Module Four Activity Template: Bias in Primary Sources Locate an additional primary source relevant to your historical event. Use it and the primary source you identified in a previous module to answer the questions below. Replace the bracketed text with your responses. Source One Conduct source analysis on a primary source relevant to your historical event. … Read more

HIS 100 Module Four Activity Template: Historical Narratives

HIS 100 Module Four Activity Template: Historical Narratives Locate an additional secondary source relevant to your historical event. Use all four of your sources (two primary and two secondary) to answer the questions below. Replace the bracketed text with your responses. Identify the topic you chose to explore: [Insert text.] Attempt to write the APA style citations … Read more

Virtual Museum Reflection Discussion

In this discussion, you will first write and share a short post about your museum experience with the class. REFLECT & RESPOND: FIRST: Complete your virtual museum visit, as described on the previous page. SECOND: Post a reflection about your virtual museum visit and experience. You will write 150-300 words exploring both your experience, your learning, your observations, and … Read more

Help With Art Rev Due In 48 Hours

Scholarly Article Review Instructions Scholarly Article Review Assignment Expectations: As part of your Research Project, the fourth assignment requirement expects students to complete a Scholarly Article Review of two peer reviewed scholarly secondary sources. For this assignment, you will do a search of UMGC’s databases for two (2) scholarly source articles in peer reviewed journals … Read more