Human Resources (1200 Words) Employee & Labor Relations

1. A large hospital required nurses to work 80 hours over two-week (14 day) pay periods. In addition, nurses were also considered to be “on-call” for an additional 20 hours during the pay period. While on call, nurses were required to carry pagers or cell phones and respond to calls within 15 minutes. They were … Read more


Discuss the topic in terms of the concept analysis and evaluation. Support your statements with credible evidence and offer an example: Question: Healthcare Quality in Long Term Care Facilities and Residential Settings: Tools, quality improvement models, federal government reporting requirements for skilled nursing homes, and resident safety in long term care organizations. Details: 2 pages APA 7 … Read more


Community Analysis Project & Civic Engagement Letter Statement of Problem & City Demographics City: Westlake, LA Focus: chilcare Purpose: You will use various research tools and immerse yourself in a local urban community in order to identity challenges, resources, and strengths within this neighborhood. Research tools will include collecting census data, reviewing articles, and other … Read more

HRMN 395-Week 5 Discussion: Possible Pitfalls, Evaluation, & Metrics AND Assignment 2: Report On Metrics

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – Please use APA (7th edition) formatting – All questions and each part of the question should be answered in detail (Go into depth) – Response to questions must demonstrate understanding and application of concepts covered in class – Responses MUST be organized (Should be logical and easy to follow) – Use … Read more


Week 3 Discussion Speculate on three reasons why employees leave an organization and three reasons why employees stay. Outline a retention strategy that HR could use to reduce the number of employees who leave an organization for the three reasons you identified. Be intentional or specific with your strategy so you can measure the desire … Read more

Week 3 Newsletter

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 8, 9, and 10 from the course text New leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases, and Chapter 24 from the course text Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice. Newsletter Introduction As a reminder, in Weeks 1 through 4 you are producing a newsletter that … Read more

Discussion Post

Now, think of a leader or presenter whose communication has made an impact on you. (Maybe it’s a politician, a teacher, a coach, or a boss.) What communication techniques does this person use? Is there a particular technique you’ve learned this week that you would like to use in the future?