Read/review the following resources for this activity: Open Stax Textbook: Chapter 2 Lesson Chamberlain University Library Internet Week 3 Lab Template Links to an external site. Required Software Microsoft Word Internet access to read articles Scenario/Summary This week’s lab highlights the use of graphics, distributions, and tables to summarize and interpret data. Instructions Part 1: … Read more


Using data visualization to better determine which measures of central tendency and spread you should use. Using the STATES10 data set: 1. Generate measures of central tendency and spread. Report the measures of central tendency and spread, and provide a scatterplot for the following variables.  If using SPSS, provide a box plot as well. For … Read more


Make sure you read the question and use the proper data set.  Also, provide as much information so it is readily apparent what exercise and part of an exercise you are answering (and it is always a good idea to attach the output).  You might think this goes without saying but you would be surprised. … Read more

SPSS You Must Have The PSPP Software Which Is Free. You Need The GSS 2018 Data Set And The States 10 Data.

MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR SPSS/PSPP OUTPUT AS A PDF AND TURN IN WITH YOUR RESPONSES and be sure to properly label your responses] 1) Is there a relationship between a person’s age (AGE) and the number of hours spent per day watching TV (TVHOURS)? Use the GSS 2018 data to test this relationship. Make a … Read more


7/20/23, 2:07 PM Week 2: Assignment – MyLab Homework-Natalie Banks 1/6 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Student: Natalie Banks Date: 07/20/23 Instructor: Keva Yarbrough Course: College Math-Summer 2023 (2) Assignment: Week 2: Assignment – MyLab Homework Determine whether the statement is true or false. If the statement is false, make the necessary change(s) to … Read more

Stats Question

Individual Case Analysis Instructions We will be reading and analyzing several case studies throughout the course where you will be required to prepare a case write-up. The purpose of a case write-up is to elicit and assess your ability to understand complex business issues, analyze data, exercise professional and ethical judgment, and develop conclusions and … Read more


USING THE NORMAL DISTRIBUTION AND CONFIDENCE INTERVALS Instructions: This Assignment will make use of the data set created in Week 1 – See attached excel document. Use the attached word document to complete this week assignment.   Part 1: Using the Normal Distribution Given that BMI is approximately normally distributed, present the following summary statistics … Read more

Working With Data _ Week 2

WORKING WITH DATA INSTRUCTIONS **Submit your completed Week 2 Project on the attached Assignment Template Document**   Use the attached the excel document: ST3001Data_L_Rivera as a data to complete this assignment. 1. Create the following graphs in Excel: 1.1 Using the column labeled “Smoker” (not “BMI Sorted by Smoking Status”), create an appropriate graphical display to clearly … Read more