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    Directions: Please complete the statistical analyses on that pages that follow for the sample data below. If you do the work for this project by hand, you must show the work you do to arrive at your results. If you use technology (Excel, graphing calculator, etc.) to obtain the results, you must state … Read more


Cryptography 387 © David Lippman Creative Commons BY-SA Cryptography When people need to secretly store or communicate messages, they turn to cryptography. Cryptography involves using techniques to obscure a message so outsiders cannot read the message. It is typically split into two steps: encryption, in which the message is obscured, and decryption, in which the … Read more

Stat Lab 5

Week 5Lab TEMPLATE   Please use this template to help answer the questions listed in the lab instructions.  The “steps” below refer to the steps listed in the lab instructions.  Type your answers and post your screenshots in the spaces given below.  Then, save this document with your name and submit it inside the courseroom. … Read more

Python Homework

Math 104A Computation Homework # 2 Jea-Hyun Park Due: Nov 29, 11:59 PM 1 Main problem We have studied some quadrature rules and their theoretical rates of convergence (or error terms). In this homework, you compute and report actual rates of convergence of some quadrature rules when they are implemented for selected integrands. Also, you … Read more


Respond to the following questions in a minimum of 175 words: Which ideas about functions do you think might be the most helpful to you in your day-to-day planning? Pick one situation from your life (personal, professional, or even academic) that you might be able to use one of the concepts related to functions presented … Read more

Math 302 Statistics

A marketing company based out of New York City is doing well and is looking to expand internationally. The CEO and VP of Operations decide to enlist the help of a consulting firm that you work for, to help collect data and analyze market trends. You work for Mercer Human Resources. The Mercer Human Resource Consulting … Read more