Nursing Nursing Homework

Part I: All videos are found in the communications/interpreters skills . Click on the links of video and look for each videos View the videos listed below: 3. Technique: Empathic Responses | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for empathic video) 6. Technique: Empowering the Patient | Bates’ Visual Guide ( look for empowering the Patient) … Read more


Write a 4–6 page annotated bibliography where you identify peer-reviewed publications that promote the use of a selected technology to enhance quality and safety standards in nursing. Collapse All Introduction This assessment will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of how technology can enhance quality and safety standards in nursing. You will prepare … Read more

New Goals/New Week 2

Journal Assignment 2 In this journal, examine the methods section of each article. Completing a table will help you see similarities and differences. Be sure to address these specific critical elements: Use this section to compare and contrast the methods used in the articles you selected, with an eye on assessing the quality and limitations … Read more


The focus of Assessment 4 is on how informatics support monitoring of nursing-sensitive quality indicator data. You will develop an 8–10 minute audio (or video) training module to orient new nurses in a workplace to a single nursing-sensitive quality indicator critical to the organization. Your recording will address how data are collected and disseminated across … Read more


Changes in culture and technology have resulted in patient populations that are often well informed and educated, even before consulting or considering a healthcare need delivered by a health professional. Fueled by this, health professionals are increasingly involving patients in treatment decisions. However, this often comes with challenges, as illnesses and treatments can become complex. … Read more

Topic Approval

Complete and submit the Topic Approval Form linked in the assessment instructions. Introduction The Topic Approval assessment is designed to ensure that your chosen topic is in alignment with the requirements for your program, evidence-based, and feasible. You must pass this assessment before you can continue onto the Project Charter assessment. Instructions In this course, … Read more

NRNP 6568 Synthesis In ANP

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) has determined core competencies that apply to all nurse practitioners,   The nine broad areas of competency are: Scientific Foundations Leadership Quality Practice Inquiry Technology and Information Literacy Policy Health Delivery System Ethics Independent Practice   To Prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the NONPF … Read more


Respond to the following with at least 3 references ( no older than 2020)  using APA format The chosen specialty is: Family Nurse Practitioner With the resources specific to the MSN specialization . Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), shared in this module, write a paragraph comparing at least two nursing specialties that include your … Read more


Course Project Milestone 3 Assignment Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the skills of the professional nurse as an educator. You are to prepare a patient scenario based on the required assigned topic. You will choose an already developed and reliable m Health app to use in the education of your patient. Based on … Read more