build circuits

You will build and analyze several simple circuits using miniature lamps as resistors. The brightness of the lamps act as an indicator of the relative current through each loop of the circuit, thus enabling you to understand how voltage and current are used in series and parallel circuits.

discussion post

 Now that you have a broader understanding of some basic concepts from the world of Physics, create a new hypothetical experiment from your own life experience that helps explain one of the concepts. Think in simple terms, and explain what you expect your experiment to uncover. For your response, provide an alternative experiment to your … Read more

Hi , this is physics work and there are 2 videos to watch to do the VL 11

Lab Report: Sound and Resonance Assignment Instructions

Lab Report: Sound and Resonance Assignment Instructions Overview Laboratory reports are an essential component of a physics education.  Instructions Download this document and record the results in the table below as prompted by the procedure. Save the completed document to your computer and upload it via the provided assignment link. All photos and discussion must … Read more

newtons law

·  Write Newton’s 2nd law of motion. ·  Write the equation for centripetal force. ·  Write the Month and Day of the Assignment Due Date.  For example, if the assignment is due on July 15th, then Month=7, Day=15. ·  For an object having a mass of 10 times the day given in the previous section … Read more

Module 01 Content

  In a two-page paper, research how physics is used in a specific profession of your choice. You should identify two physics principles used in the profession as well as explain, in detail, how they are used. Paper must have a minimum of two sources, use proper spelling and grammar, and follow APA format. Submit … Read more

writing in science 2

question(9.67) -A computer disk drive is turned on starting from rest and has constant angular acceleration. If it took 0.0865 s for the drive to make its second complete revolution, (a) how long did it take to make the first complete revolution, and (b) what is its angular acceleration, in  answer- a) 0.0612 s b)3358.98 … Read more


You have to make observation and take data on the Full moon day. If weather is not good at that that day, you can do it a day before or after. You are taking data when moon is at two different positions. One near the horizon and another high above in the sky. Ideally it … Read more