Clinical Assessment

after reviewing the sample clinical interview and Jones (2010) article, describe which sections you feel are most critical to explore and why. Which do you feel are unnecessary? Why? Compare and contrast the two tests selected in terms of reliability and validity. Do you feel confident in the results of each test selected? Why or why not? … Read more

Effective Leader

tory  Post a description of the leader you selected (when, where, and whom).  Discuss three qualities you identified as contributing to their leadership effectiveness. Then, using the leader you chose, provide a specific example of leadership behavior for each of the three qualities.

Homework Help

Lesson 7: Middle to Late Adulthood     As you continue your journey through adulthood, apply your learning to yourself AND those around you. In what ways do you and others around you fit what we know about ‘normal’ development? In what ways may these experiences of life not quite fit within ‘normal’ and how … Read more


Visit this website to select a social issue or problem that concerns you. Please note that you may research a social issue that does not appear on the list. Next, locate 6-8 sources (scholarly journals, articles AND Internet sources) to investigate the issue from various viewpoints. include a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you chose the issue. This … Read more

Week 7 Powerpoint

t: Video Presentation For this assignment, you will create a video presentation on the article that was approved by your professor in week 1. If you have changed your mind, please contact your professor to receive approval for your new article. Option 1: You will create a PowerPoint (or equivalent) of your presentation and add a … Read more

Unit 7 Assignment

© 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Due Date: 11:59 pm EST Sunday of Unit 7 Points: 100 Overview: Imagine you are a social worker at a high school. The school year will begin in two weeks and the teachers have already returned. Your principal has just informed you that a transgender student is transferring … Read more

Developmental Theory NOTES

Find two cases from scholarly sources, one that fits with developmental theory and one that fits with critical criminology; in 500-750 words, explain the following: Explain how each of the cases you chose fit with the associated theories. Explain how principle theorists from the two theories would view the cases you chose. Explain how significant … Read more

Week 7 Discussion

Initial Post Your initial post should read approximately 250 to 350 words in length and include at least one citation from the bibliography of your textbook chapter, with the accompanying reference in APA format. To receive the maximum points, your post should include a reference from the textbook, an article of your choosing, and one … Read more


After studying the module content and suggested resources, create a document in MS PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides, or Prezi in which you: Prepare a visual presentation on a personal hobby. 2. Include the following items: Cover page (include your name, student number, job title, class name) b. Introduction (2 slides) c. Content (5-10 slides) Use … Read more