Write an APA paper that addresses the following:Conduct research either using the textbook and/or online website and provide a summary of What Aristotle has to say about motion;  Galileos and/or any other science’s concept of                 a. inertia; net force;               b. the equilibrium … Read more

Exam help

Hi there I need Physics exam help this is the book related to the scope of knowledge [University Physics, 15th Edition, by Young and Freedman] Exam start at 11:10am – 1:40pm 5/25 Please make sure that the original answered by you, is not searchable on the Internet.!!!!!

phys lab report

  This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSection I Report Format (5%)You can use Owl Purdue website for help with format to an external site. Title Page with Experiment Title, physics course no/section, report date & your name Use APA format for this report (also use APA for graphs and tables). References if needed … Read more

Astronomy writing

  1.  Use the information in Section 6-1 and write a summary of the Nice model of how the solar system formed.  Explain how the solar nebula collapsed, how the protosun formed, how the planetary disk formed, the role of temperature at different locations of the solar system (i.e the snow line & how it … Read more

Physics research paper

Please pick up a topic yourself. It must be about a RECENT application (within the past two years or so) of E&M(Electricity and Magnetism) or optics. The requirements for the extra-credit essay are as follows: Space: single space; Size: 12; Font: times; Content: minimum of three full pages PLUS a reference list.