Ethics Discussion #9 250 word min.

  Imagine the two following scenarios for this discussion: Your Brother (or a similarly close relative) has been killed intentionally.  His murderer stands trial for his crimes and is convicted.  They have left his punishment up to you.  Can you decide to have this murderer killed?  Why or why not?  (If you dont decide one … Read more

Need Assistance with Ethics Discussion

 Alaister Norcross laid out a thought experiment where Fred, a fictitious person, was caught torturing puppies so that he could have the taste of chocolate; a taste he really enjoyed.  The analogy being that we, as meat eaters, do similar things.  We allow for the terrible lives of the animals we eat, and in some cases (see … Read more

Religions Originating in China and Japan

 In this assignment, you will explore and explain the unique characteristics of the religions originating from China and Japan. Deconstructing a religion while respecting its place is an amazing skill to foster as our world gets smaller and smaller every day. Complete the Religions Originating in China and Japan worksheet.

Identify and describe the four main parts of Platos

     Please respond to one and one only of the following questions in a carefully written essay of 4–6 pages.  Your essay should have a formal introduction, body, and conclusion.  Before writing the paper you should read Platos Cave, The Apology, The Symposium, and view our class videos.  Also, search the Web to see … Read more

Shinto Presentation

 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Alright so for Shinto do all the bullets on the list but also the key points that are needed. List (cover these bullets): -Kami -Shinto Creation Mythology -Relations with other religions -Religious practice -National identity  Key points: -Shinto shrine process (How to enter, etc.) – Explain how some Shinto members can also … Read more

Ultimate Escape Rooms

<a href=””>Ultimate escape rooms</a> in Ventura is a place with unimaginable fun and thrill.   Different themed rooms with life-like props and technological effects pull   you into a fascinating world. Games with interactive puzzles and creative   clues are bound to stimulate your adrenaline instantaneously! They also offer   virtual escape rooms to help you spend a great … Read more

Ethics: Self and Others

For the initial post, address one of the following sets of questions: What is a time when you or someone you know of experienced a conflict between duty to self and loyalty to the community? What would logical reasoning say should be done in that case? Why that? What would an Ethical Egoist say to … Read more

Moral Controversy

This assignment is the first step in a three part project. You only need to focus on part one at this point. Each step will build on earlier steps. However, it is not a matter of providing a rough draft of all or even part of the entire project here in week three. That is, … Read more

Phil qui 2

  1.Socrates argues that the Myth of Er is a useful story to stop those people who believe in the truth of which other story mentioned in the Republic?  Select the correct story mentioned from below. a. The tale of perfect injustice by Thrasymachus b. The Allegory of the Cave c. The tale of the … Read more