week4 journal.

x All questions are worth 20 points           1.    List three personal values and the reasons why they are important to you? How would those values be related to professionalism in victim services?           2.    Identify some of the cultural barriers in your community. Please discuss … Read more

journal 2

 All questions are worth 20 points:           1.   Victims sometimes have unrealistic expectations of the criminal justice system and become even more dissatisfied with the system when their recommendations are not accepted. If you were a victim advocate, how would you advise them of the realities?           … Read more


 This is always a fun debate: Nature Versus Nurture… Which do you feel has a GREATER role in human development? DO NOT PUSH BOTH!!! I am aware that they both aid in development. You could almost always say both in psychological debates; however, I want you all thinking critically. Weigh the options and defend whichever one tips … Read more


All questions are worth 20 points: Explain the Zimbardo experiment and what it might imply for correctional professionals. Is the parole officer’s role to help the parolee stay out of prison or is it to simply identify any violation? If the parolee stumbles should the officers promptly return them to prison? You are a prison … Read more

week 1 cj chat

Week 1 Topic: Ethical DilemmaDiscuss the biological and psychological theories that attempt to explain individual differences in behavior.In your post, include a case where a defendant used a defense involving biological or psychological influences to explain their behavior. Do you believe that this defendant  (in the case your researched) should be found guilty or not … Read more

Unpacking standards

 Select three standards from the appropriate course of study, given below, within the Alabama Course of Study folder.  For each standard, the candidate must address the following prompts: Write the standard in student-friendly terms. Break the standard down into measurable parts and present the parts in a sensible sequence. Identify the prerequisite knowledge and skills students need before mastery of … Read more


  10 meaningful, informative slides (not including title and reference slides) Please do not paste a picture an a slide and expect it to count as an informative slide. You will be graded on presentation, creativity, and quality of the information. 3 sources

Part B Project

  You’re a realtor with a client in the market for a 3+ bedroom home with at least 2 baths.  Randomly sample 10 homes from your original data set from Part A that meet these criteria.  Write a report that includes a linear regression model that predicts a home’s listing price based on its size … Read more

week 2 cj chat

Why has alcohol retained such popularity with the American public when it is so clearly laden with high risk? What is the attraction to spending huge sums of money to wake up the following morning with a raging headache, a nauseous stomach, and the need to periodically vomit? Has common sense simple vanished from the … Read more