Now that you have explored many paths in counseling and related fields, identify which you would like to do. What graduate program will you attend and why? Is it accredited? What do you expect to learn throughout your training and education? 

Unit 5.2 DB: Child Sexual Abuse Case Study

 Dawn and Nadya were 9-year-old neighbors who enjoyed playing in the woods behind their homes. Another neighbor, Mr. Gomes, was a man who lived alone and whose property was surrounded by a very high fence with a gate opening out into the woods. The girls often wondered what was behind his fence and made up … Read more

Ethics and Record Keeping 2 Reponses

1.  The legal and ethical concerns can lead to exposed of personal information and leaked or lost. An article stated that recorded documents have a high risk of leakage and loss because storage is only in the cupboard (Yunus, et. all., 2023). Concerns can be the fear of confidentiality and anxiety of getting ttheir things … Read more

Assessing Physical Abuse Case Study 2 Responses

 In response to your peers, provide thoughtful feedback on responses to the questions about the Sloan family. Draw connections to similar thoughts and plans you may have identified and discuss differences in your responses and perspectives.  1.  Domestic violence, neglect, and child abuse can be caused by a variety of factors, including socioeconomic considerations, cultural … Read more

Unit 3.2 DB: Ethics and Record Keeping

 With the advent of electronic record-keeping (also known as electronic health records or electronic medical records, EHRs or EMRs respectively), documentation of counseling services has never been easier. Or has it? Please discuss the legal and ethical concerns of electronic records, security, and access. As a counselor, what concerns might you have from using handwritten … Read more

Unit 3.2 DB: Assessing Physical Abuse Case Study

 Lucia and Francis Sloan came to the attention of protective services after 6-year-old Dominic was rushed to the local hospital by his frantic mother. The child was severely battered and it was suspected that he had a fractured arm. This was the third time in the last 6 months that he had been taken to … Read more

Unit 3.1 DB: Models

 While it may be difficult to identify the causes of physical abuse, there are several models (the psychodynamic models, interactional models, and environmental-based models) that may lead a parent to engage in abusive behaviors. Select one of the models to discuss and then identify the risk factors that impact the family dynamics, parent, and/or child. In … Read more