Project Management

Problem Set #4 Attached Files:  Project Scope -WBS Exercise.docx Project Scope -WBS Exercise.docx – Alternative Formats (21.753 KB) Scope Statement and WBS with Activity List ExerciseInstructions for this exercise are provided within the attached exercise template.

Project Management

Problem Set #3 Attached Files:  Stakeholder Reg – Comm Matrix.docx Stakeholder Reg – Comm Matrix.docx – Alternative Formats (20.434 KB) See attached document for instructions

Unit 4 DB: Client Questions

 Assume you are employed by a local human services agency as an intake interviewer. How do you answer the following questions that your client has during the initial meeting? For this forum, your initial response can be formatted in bullet points to address each question. Be sure to also provide justification for your response. How … Read more

Unit 3.1 DB: Client Preference

 Granting client confidentiality preferences may not be appropriate in certain situations.  When is it appropriate? When is it not appropriate? Provide scenarios and documentation to support and clarify your answers. 

Unit 1 DB: Ethics in Psychological Research

 Review the two classic psychology studies (Milgram’s Obedience to Authority and Zimbardo’s Stamford Prison Experiment) under Readings and Resources.  Using evidence from Chapter 3 of your textbook, as well as the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct, discuss two (2) ways in which research ethics were violated in one (1) of these … Read more

Unit 8 DB: Working with Families

 Identify your own areas of stress when working with families. How will you handle those stressors? How will working with families of a culture different from your own be challenging for you? How will you help resolve conflicts with families from a different culture?

Unit 2.1 Gender Socialization 2 responses

1.   In conservative, traditional homes, girls are raised to be homemakers and nurturers and educated. While this perspective is shifting, I was raised to help keep the house clean, assist with meal prep, and look after my siblings. My brothers were responsible for what were considered more masculine duties, taking out the trash, helping with … Read more

Unit 2 DB: Misleading Graphs

 Below is a graph that presents information about a particular type of food, but is it a well-crafted graph?  Does it present the underlying data clearly, concisely, and without bias?  Or, is it misleading and/or deceitful?   McGuiness, R (March 6, 2017). The UK’s most popular pizza topping has been revealed- and it’s mushroom. Yahoo! … Read more

Religion and Spirituality

 What, if any, distinctions do you see between religion and spirituality? In your discussion, explore how religion and spirituality are both sources of strength and resiliency, as well as sources of conflict and struggle.