Government class

1.  Name the clause in the Constitution, Article 1, that gives Congress almost unlimited power. 2.  What power is given to Congress by the Constitution that Congress gives away to another agency? 3.  Are there any powers listed in the Constitution given to Congress that surprise you? (this is an opinion)

Case 1

Case 1 The Departed. Answer the 3 questions below.  Watch clips from “The Departed” Cast:  Jack Nicholson-Frank Costello  Alec Baldwin-Captain George Ellerby  Matt Damon-Colin Sullivan  Leonardo DiCaprio-Billy Costigan  Mark Wahlberg-Sergeant Sean Dignam  Martin Sheen-Captain Oliver Queenan  Plot: Irish MobLinks to an external site. boss Francis “Frank” Costello (Nicholson) plants Colin Sullivan (Damon) as a moleLinks to an external site. within … Read more

Week 8

Business case:  Bule Hills Water Authority Water systems are important for the health and stability of the nation. Bule Hills Water Authority is the local one. Blue Hills Water Distribution Management System (DMS) has been used to monitor and control the water distribution system. DMS systems collect data from sensors and other devices in the … Read more

RES DQ questions week 2

 Read EACH Students Response Provide THREE references to support your answer to the student I dont care of you use the same references to respond to all three students but each answer MUST have three PEER REVIEWED references to support your response on if you agree or dont agree with the students answer to this … Read more

After MLA work format

What was the most challenging part of this assignment? Explain why.  What strategies did you use to help you summarize the information you found in the library?  Is there anything you would do differently if you had to do this assignment again? 

math 2100 assign 2

Refer to these videos to answer questions on worksheet attached ———- The purpose of this activity is two fold. Can you create a graph from data you collect and can you explain what is misleading about a graph. Part 1: 1. Create a question that you can ask 10 people. Write the … Read more

Business Finance – Management Assignment

Answer the questions and problems below:   3.3-) Several decades ago, the British and French governments agreed to jointly produce the Concorde, a supersonic plane. After British taxpayers had spent £300 million (over $2 billion in terms of money today) to help develop the plane, the British government concluded that because this vast sum of … Read more

Business & Finance Homework

Do the following end-of-chapter questions and/or problems from your course text. Please pay very careful attention if you are being asked to do a question versus a problem.  Questions: 1-)  Suppose that the pound is pegged to gold at 6 pounds per ounce, whereas the franc is pegged to gold at 12 francs per ounce. … Read more

questions MGMT

 These questions must be answered each in 2-3  paragraphs.  All questions are required.   1. Why is the MBTI important  to understand people, lead them and manage them and the resources they  work with? Why might some people think this does not matter? 2. Compare and contrast scientific management and administrative  management theory.Which would you say is more … Read more