W10 pc A

https://youtu.be/3zUXGvZXhYo?si=zgbCSSi9jKr6Pc52 View the video THEN write an acceptance speech that would be 45-60 seconds in length, if presented orally. Be sure you identify the reason for the award and use the guidelines from the lecture notes to write the speech. It can be for an award you have actually received or it can be an award that you would … Read more

W10 film

reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it is important to keep track of the different characters and relationships. Tell us about your experience with Shakespeare–what you have read, what you like/dislike about Shakespeare. After reading the first two acts, what have you learned? Who are the major characters? What are the relationships? How is Puck behaving? Tell … Read more

Need Today

What is the current design of your job? Assume that the opportunity arose for you to utilize the idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) in redesigning your job. What would you do to make your job inherently more motivating? How would you design the feedback and reward systems in the new job? Be sure to include comments on … Read more

W8 film D

In the short story The Tale Tale Heart, the main character raises many questions for the reader. Discuss the psychological aspects of the narrator. How does the narrative explore the theme of madness, and what factors contribute to the narrator’s descent into madness?

w8 pc

Did the speaker in the video persuade the audience to accept his/her point of view? Discuss the characteristics of a successful persuasive speech. Should a speaker feel defeated if his or her speech fails to persuade every listener? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RizhL8tCcI

W7 pc D

After reviewing the above speech discuss your reaction. What were some of the techniques used by the presenter? What techniques do you think that you could incorporate in your next speech? What techniques do you think would be difficult to incorporate and why?

W6 fe

Answer the following question: As a Human Service Professional, explain what community intervention, prevention planning, and advocacy you would perform pertaining to Alexia’s situation. Be specific using information from this case study to support your responses. 

W5 atq

conduct an intake assessment with a prospective client. Use the attached Intake Assessment form to conduct the interview with your prospective client, all information must be kept confidential, and all parts of the intake must be completed, even if the answer is “N/A” — Not Applicable.

w5 fe

Watch both videos below: What Kind of Asian are you? And – Cultural Diversity: The Sum of Our Parts. 2.Answer the following questions based on the video and TedTalk above: a. Explain the similarities and differences in the topics you observed from both videos. b. Evaluate your biggest takeaway from the topics on the videos. … Read more

W4 fe

From the video above, briefly explain your understanding of ethics. Review all of the ethical standards from this link – Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals Choose one ethical standard from each of the five categories – clients, community, colleagues, profession and employers – and briefly explain it. Explain why you think these ethical standards you … Read more