2-1 Discussion

In this discussion, you will look at the organizational structure of the not-for-profit organization that you have chosen for the course project. You will have an opportunity to consider whether its organizational structure would be appropriate for other organizations, and why or why not. In this discussion, address the following: Provide the name of the … Read more

Urban Studies

Identify one theoretical model that you think is most useful in describing and explaining cities.  Compare and contrast it with one of the other models discussed in the in this course and discuss its strengths and shortcomings.

Discussion Responses

instructions and classmates discussions are attached. please choose 2 classmates discussions and write a reply . please make sure that you read the instructions and include the appropriate information in the response. 

Respond To This

 Which study design is the most powerful for generating evidence? According to Tracy, O’Grady, and Phillips (2023), when taking all study designs into consideration, the randomized controlled trial (RCT) remains the gold standard research design for generating evidence. RCT remains the gold standard because it is based on three critical elements which includes manipulation of … Read more

Discussion #1 Response

One of the most important social factors that has shaped professional nursing in the U.S. is the changing role and social status of women. In the past, nursing was seen as just another part of a woman’s day-to-day life. Nurses often had little or no formal training or professional designation (Leddy, 2022). But with women’s … Read more

Post response

  Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current achievements.  N-B- 1 reference each. 1. (Chelsea).  My professional development goal is to become a knowledgeable and ethical nurse practitioner who eliminates the gaps in care for patients and … Read more

Respond To This

Response to the discussion below with insightful information asking 2 questions to continue the discussion and it would need 1 reliable citation.     13. Discuss one of Healthy People 2030’s five overarching goals related to SDOH. The United States Department of Health and Human Services formed the Healthy People initiative to set 10-year national objectives … Read more

Discussion 1

To begin this discussion, introduce yourself to your classmates and instructor. Briefly discuss your background, describe your professional goals, explain what you hope to gain from this course, and share what you enjoy doing in your free time. Then, continue your initial post by responding to the following: In your readings this week, you explored … Read more


 Read EACH Students Response Provide THREE references to support your answer to the student I dont care of you use the same references to respond to all three students but each answer MUST have three PEER REVIEWED references to support your response on if you agree or dont agree with the students answer to this … Read more

American History

  Read: Carrie Chapman Catt, Address to Congress on Women’s Suffrage (1917)  Paragraph 1: Why does Catt claim that denying women the right to vote violates the principle of democracy? Can this relate to any other groups besides women? Read: Rubie Bond, The Great Migration (1917) Paragraph 2: What are the most important reasons for … Read more