wek 4 des

  Listen to the YouTube clips and read the brief articles below. 1) How did traveling and/or living abroad in Ghana influence the politics of Dr. Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois? Discuss all three. 2) Based on what you now know about Black Consciousness (BC), how did BC abroad in Ghana add … Read more

social media and marketing(jay)

  Pick a  company that uses social media as a marketing and branding tool. Review  at least three social media accounts your company of choice uses and  assess the following: Based on their social media, how would you describe the company? How is the company trying to portray itself on social media? Are users interacting … Read more

week 2 quita

 Your  text briefly discusses six major models or frameworks for discussing  marriage and family dynamics.Choose the Family Systems Theory and 2  other frameworks and conduct additional research on the key concepts  promoted by each model.Discuss the benefits of having more than one  model for discussing family dynamics. 

week 1 anna

 Drawing  upon the reading and ancillary research, provide a focused discussion  on a developmental area of choice (e.g., physical, intellectual, social,  emotional, moral). Be sure to identify a specific phase of child  development (e.g., infant, toddler, early childhood, late childhood).  Considering your developmental area of choice, what are typical  milestones? How might these milestones be … Read more

journal 2

  i.e. One World, Many Cultures, 1.3 (Kaur, “Journey by Inner Light”), 3.4 (Narayan, “Monsoon Wedding”), 4.1 (Norberg-Hodge, “Learning from Ladakh”), 4.3 (Divakaruni, “Live Free and Starve”) consider  the ways in which the imposition of Western-style economies and societies through colonialism and globalization have complicated the lives of people in South Asia.

Methods of teacher communication with families

  discuss methods of teacher communication with families.   Here are the methods of teacher communication with families: Daily conversation   Electronic communication   Telephone call   Personal note   Bulletin board   Daily news flash   Monthly newsletter    For each of the methods listed above, provide the following information: Definition of each method   … Read more

Journal 4: WSIDWML 2

 Choose at least one of the assigned chapters of What Should I Do With My Life? ch.  16-23 and talk us through something that struck you as valuable or  meaningful about the author’s journey. Maybe you share similar  backgrounds or experiences. Maybe you it helped you consider your own  professional and academic goals as a football and … Read more


  Dollar Shave Club made inroads in the men’s shaving products category by positioning itself as a less expensive (but comparable quality) alternative to the market leader, Gillette. In addition, Dollar Shave Club’s quirky advertisements created contrast between the brand and the older, stodgy Gillette brand. For more on Dollar Shave Club, read “How Dollar … Read more

Family assignments

 Draft an advocacy letter to Congress explaining the importance of the family dynamic in children’s lives and how important the relationship between a child’s family and the school environment is. You should also make a case for increasing government funding for programs that promote family & school connections such as family literacy programs, ELL family … Read more

Need ASAp

Page 7: Faces of Autism Spectrum Disorder   Students with ASD can demonstrate a variety of behaviors that may affect their success in the inclusive classroom. It is important that teachers be proactive, not reactive, when addressing behaviors. This includes establishing specific supports and goals for students with ASD to develop effective behavior management skills. … Read more