Making decision about interventions

  Explain how and why your choices differed in Situations 1 and 2. Explain why it is important to use research and evidence to support your practice decisions. Explain when using theories and research evidence is most appropriate for making clinical decisions. Provide an illustration of this from your fieldwork experience, from something learned in … Read more

Discussion Question

  1. How would you explain the stages of the racial and cultural identity development model, and use your experiences to explain the stages? 2. Discuss the various factors that influence one’s identity as a member of an oppressed minority group.


What leader characteristics are important for promoting inclusiveness? Using the Chapter 12 reading, “Inclusive Leadership,” describe key leadership characteristics and behaviors that promote inclusion. Do you agree or disagree with the research presented on inclusive leadership? Support your rationale with properly cited references from scholarly sources, which may include your text.   ISBN: 9781071834473 Leadership: … Read more


What are your thoughts on Dr. Zayas’ perspective regarding the role of social work advocacy with immigrants?  What do you believe are some of the challenges and/or barriers in serving immigrants entering the United States today?  What might be the social work competencies you need to develop to advocate for social justice of immigrants?

Discussion Board

 As a social worker, it is inevitable that you will encounter resistance. Discuss a situation of resistance with a client in your internship (or employer). What type of resistance did you experience? What were the possible sources of your client’s resistance? What did you do to dissipate the client’s resistance and build a relationship of collaboration? If you were unable to dissipate the … Read more

Family Practice

 1. What is the difference between competencies and component behaviors? Is ethical and professional behavior a competency or a component behavior? Explain your answer. 2. When working with a client, what does your body movement and positioning communicate to them? If body positioning is a matter of personal style, how could you become more aware … Read more

In the Review of the Literature, you will discuss research articles and other research reports that have attempted to answer your research question.

Why is it exceptionally difficult for adolescents to trust social workers who are interested in helping them from danger? 3 articles that discusses this question. One needs to be peer reviewed article.  Opening paragraph about the nature ofthe entire body of literature you reviewed 2. Two paragraphs on each article n One the summarizes the … Read more


demonstrate knowledge regarding trauma and the trauma-informed care model and gather and disseminate community resources for working with trauma across disciplines.  Based on the SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach reading and the Seven Domains of Trauma Sensitive Schools, answer the following question: describe what trauma is and how school social … Read more