Social Identity

  2- to 3-page in which you draw from the assigned resources to critically reflect on the experience of being a minority in a specific situation. Describe the experience. Reflect on the experience and consider: What were your preconceptions or expectations before the experience? What were your reactions to, thoughts about, and/or emotional responses to … Read more

Strategies of Self-Care

  When you become stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed in your life, what do you do and where do you go to address the feeling? How do you take care of yourself? The same calming behaviors that you employ now, as a student or simply as a human being, can translate into self-care behaviors you use … Read more

Risk or Protective Factor

Select a risk or protective factor and conduct a search for recent articles/books related to the factor.  Generate a bibliography of no less than 20 works.  Select and read 5 of the works listed in your bibliography and provide a double spaced one page summary (300 words) for each article selected. 

Capstone Draft

  Introduction (1-1.5 pages)  Building off the Capstone Worksheet: What is your problem statement? What is your research question? Needs identified: starting at the macro level (i.e., state or national) and progressing toward the agency level. Proposed Intervention (students — please note that you will have a chance to come back and add info after … Read more

Field Log #2 Ungraded, 2 Possible Points

  The field log provides a concrete means for the student to: placement is at walk-in counseling  Account for professional activity in the field placement Demonstrate professional development related to contracted learning experiences and the traditional-year competencies Reflect on professional growth and development Provide information that facilitates dialogue between the student and Field Supervisor Document … Read more


  Critically discuss your thoughts, questions, concerns, comments and feelings on Clinical Social Work, children in foster care and enhancing quality in care conferences. Investigate and explain the examination and licensing procedures in your state through the State Social Work Board.


help.    Assignment Description Students must identify and explore the privileges they receive from belonging to at least 5 Dominant Groups and identify the potential oppression their privileges cause others around them who do not belong to their dominant group.  Additionally, students must identify and explore the oppression they experience by belonging to 3 “social … Read more

Discussion: Practice Theory

  Discussion: Practice Theory Theory is a basis for assessments and interventions with clients and is used to guide intervention in social work practice. Practice theory is the body of knowledge that has been empirically tested and shown to be effective. Mastery of multiple practice theories, such as the systems theory, provides the social worker … Read more

6530 WK4 Assgn

Application: Process Recordings A process recording is a written tool field education experience students, field instructors, and faculty use to examine the dynamics of social work interactions in time. Process recordings can help in developing and refining interviewing and intervention skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities with social work clients, you are able to … Read more