Summarize your interpretation of the frequency data provided in the output for respondent’s age, highest school grade completed, and family income from prior month.   Note: A frequency analysis is way of summarizing data by depicting the number of times a data value occurs in the data table or output. It is used to analyze the … Read more

Finance and Economics

Conduct a financial analysis using the three scenarios provided in the Excel Assignment Workbook. These are not based on your project but will help you learn the process. Complete the following: Ratio Analyses Worksheets: Open your Excel Assignment Workbook. This assignment will be completed on 3 separate tabs named: W8A5a Expense Forecasting W8A5b Breakeven Analysis W8A5c Marginal … Read more


The growth rate equation is (birth rate + immigration)-(death rate + emigration).  Provide at least two factors that affect the population size based off the equation above, and explain how these factors impact the size of the population. 

Unit 3 DB: Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

  Choose your favorite meal that contains at least one “bad” carbohydrate. Explain to the class what the “bad” carbohydrates are in this meal. How could you make substitutions to this meal to get rid of the “bad” carbohydrates and replace them with “good” carbohydrates? Be specific and include science references for support. Be creative! … Read more

Psychology Unit 3 Assignment: NutritionCalc Plus Report

  For this assignment, you will follow the NutritionCalc Plus Instructions document to input the information from your Food Journal assignment in Unit 1. You will analyze your report using the information from NutritionCalc. See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.  Submit your completed assignment to the submission link above by 11:59 … Read more

Psychology Unit 1 Assignment: Food Journal

  The most important step for anyone looking to make better food choices is to know what they are currently eating. For this assignment, you will be completing a detailed 3-day food journal. See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.  Submit your completed assignment to the submission link above by 11:59 p.m. … Read more

Unit 8.2 DB: Final PowerPoint Presentation

 Share your final PowerPoint presentation that you have created for the last eight weeks in this thread with your peers and share your thoughts on the process.  What were the highlights for you? What were the lowlights?  Respond to your peers and their projects by comparing/contrasting individual music selections.  Use this as an opportunity to … Read more

Unit 8.1 DB: Being Alone, Isolated, and Misunderstood

 Using the internet or your phone, listen to the following songs: “One” by Metallica “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead After listening to the above songs, answer the following questions in your discussion post: What musical influences do you hear in each of these songs and how would you categorize each of them in … Read more

Psychology Unit 7 Assignment: Black Pop and Neotraditional Trends of the 80s and 90s Music as a Cultural Artifact – Guided Listening Assignment

  Throughout the course, you will be building a PowerPoint presentation in which you embed videos of musical selections from the time period we are studying that week.  Use the PowerPoint template as a guide and complete the Unit slides each week, culminating in a complete presentation that you will share with your peers in … Read more