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Research the term “cyberwar.” How does using the internet to wage a cyberwar affect personal and corporate privacy? Should only governments have the right to conduct cyber warfare? Where does the responsibility of corporations fit in the cyberwar landscape?

Discussion 1.14.2024

 BY DAY 5 Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: Explore additional ways that the technology experience of your colleague might impact you or change your practices. Share with your colleague your ideas for how they might adopt other technologies to be more effective as … Read more


1.  Browse through the chapters 5-8 Reading. 2.  Summarize the most interesting fact your learned from each Chapter Section.  Note:  you should have all 4 facts/application bullets for full credit on your initial post. 

Advanced Technology

Assignment: Conclusions: Your thoughts on the implications of the concept you have described.  1) What does your work mean for the industry?   2) What implications it has for the future of the industry?   3) What is needed for your concept to succeed?   4) What are the limitations that need to be considered? … Read more


 The executive briefing should consider at least five separate creative commercial uses for the forthcoming technology. Additionally, it should include a critical analysis of its benefits and possible hazards to prospective users and/or customers, anticipated timeline for its proposed introduction, possible differences in adoption in various areas of the world, in-depth discussion of likely financial … Read more

2-1 Discussion: Operating System Interfaces

Imagine you are the CEO of a large technology company whose primary products include microprocessors and operating systems. You have three engineering departments. Each is headed by a passionate technologist in the role of chief engineer. Here are their proposals for introducing the next “killer” product: 1. The chief of microprocessor engineering wants to introduce … Read more

Minativerse: Where Creativity and Collectibles Unite

Minativerse stands out as an innovative platform embracing the potential of NFTs and virtual collections. It provides a unique space for artists and collectors to connect, trade, and showcase their digital creations. Empowering Digital Artists: Minativerse empowers digital artists to monetize their work by transforming their creations into NFTs. This ensures artists receive royalties each … Read more

Merge & Diagram 3NF Relations

Consider the list of individual 3NF relations below. These relations were developed from several separate normaliza-tion activities. PATIENT(Patient_ID,Room_Number,Admit_Date,Address) ROOM(Room_Number,Phone,Daily_Rate) PATIENT(Patient_Number,Treatment_Description, Address) TREATMENT(Treatment_ID,Description,Cost) PHYSICIAN(Physician_ID,Name,Department) PHYSICIAN(Physician_ID,Name,Supervisor_ID) a. Merge these relations into a consolidated set of 3NF rela-tions. State whatever assumptions you consider necessary (including but not limited to foreign keys) to resolve any potential problems you identify … Read more


 Contemplating potential needs helps in determining the requirements for a future product or an application to support user requirements. Discuss how one might integrate the Great Commission into product development and analyze the important aspects of sharing the good news of Jesus with the world. Now, imagine a new interactive product that supports you in … Read more