Why was there a shift from the Trait Theory Paradigm to the Behavioral Theory Paradigm? What behavior do you feel is critical to possess if you are going to be an effective leader? What are some behaviors that ineffective leaders possess? Support your decision using literature to support your claim.

Review the application of addiction theories in research

  Describe the theory or theories that apply to your professional work with addictions. Briefly explain what information from the readings most aligns with your professional views. State how you see theories of gambling disorder integrating from etiology (the investigation into the cause of a condition or disease)  and ontological (the study of how concepts … Read more

Leadership vs. Management

Describe how a leader can create positive outcomes in the work environment while applying a leadership theory. Clearly describe/define the leadership theory you are presenting. Clearly describe how a leader can create positive outcomes using this leadership theory.

self reflection

Considering all your discussion topics, develop a self-reflection that summarizes the Nursing Theories that you considered more applicable in your practice. topics: 1- The development of nursing knowledge is an ongoing process. Discuss the case for the ongoing development and use of nursing grand theories and conversely, make a case for the obsolescence of nursing … Read more

Comfort Contract

Evidence suggests that patients do better when their expectations about specific benefits of nursing care are discussed and met.  Design a “comfort contract” whereby patients or their surrogates designate an expected level of postsurgical overall comfort, and also where they can specify chronic discomforts and interventions that they use at home for relief.

Research Articles

Make a literature search about the following topics and submit at least two research articles (PFD only) that describe:  Management of Osteoarthritis (OA): NSAIDs and COX-2 Inhibitors Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): NSAIDs and DMARDs. 


Briefly describe the conflict that you selected ( interpersonal, intergroup, community, societal), its central issues, and the parties involved. Analyze the conflict using the psychological theory that you selected, its constructs, and its assumptions. Briefly explain why you selected the theory that you chose. Explain how an understanding of psychological theory can lead to a … Read more

Concept of socialization

Discuss George Herbert Mead’s concept of socialization using course theories such as Freud’s notions of the Ego, Id and Superego, Victor Turner’s 3 stages of child development involving rites of passage, and try to tie these all together into a general discussion of the ‘Self’. What does Cooley mean by the “Looking Glass Self”? (include … Read more