You will not be able to access the Unit 2 Assignment until you complete the Unit 1 Assignment. You will submit a brief, 3- to 5-page paper discussing the role differences between an RN and APRN-NP. Your assignment should: follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.); be well ordered, logical, and unified, … Read more


  Assessment Traits Benchmark Requires Lopes write Assessment Description It is important for nurse leaders to understand a variety of leadership models and styles. This will help you adapt to different settings and apply strategies to support and inspire others. It may also be necessary to apply models in different professional settings to satisfy certification … Read more


Topic 6 DQ 1 Start Date & Time May 25, 2023   Status Upcoming Assessment Description Describe how servant leadership is viewed from both the secular and the biblical perspectives. Next, research the differences and similarities between the biblical and secular perspectives of power and authority. What do you consider to be the most significant … Read more


Topic 2 DQ 1 Start Date & Time Upcoming Assessment Description Using the AHRQ SOPS Surveys webpage, provided in the topic Resources, select the SOPS survey appropriate for the practice setting in which you work. Complete the survey at your site and discuss how your facility scored. What changes would you recommend based on the … Read more

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Kindly respond to this discussion post. APA format, 250words, 2 references In considering the quote, “Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make the difference”, I believe that this is true. People can be resistant to change, so in order to convince them to … Read more