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Heart disease is one of the highest causes of death in the state of Florida. One of the heart diseases I would like to focus on is stroke. A stroke is a medical emergency and individuals should understand what to do in order to prevent one from occurring. When there is a blockage of blood … Read more

Resources for the Uninsured

  You are a finance administrator, and a patient has no insurance or monies to pay for his or her care. Research your state resources for health care services for the uninsured. Consider these research options: Review the Department of Health website for your state. Contact care transition teams or social work groups at local … Read more

CST 610 Proj 2

   Project 2 Scenario Assessing Information System Vulnerabilities and Risk You are an information assurance management officer (IAMO) at an organization of your choosing. One morning, as you’re getting ready for work, you see an email from Karen, your manager. She asks you to come to her office as soon as you get in. When … Read more


Follow the form here, and must include the speaker’s name, bible verses, and contents of the sermon for the week. If doesn’t have them, work would be not acceptable

block chain

1. What is blockchain technology, and how can it be used in organizations and industries to create value? 2. Is blockchain technlogy a disruptive platform? 3. How did the Deutsche Bank managers lay the foundations for commercializing blockchain? 4. How should Deutsche Bank move ahead to start crating value from blockchain? Which key issues should … Read more


Answer the following study questions:   What import restrictions could be placed on imported items? Why is volume important to an import? Why should an importer be aware of any laws that may affect purchase? What is an export quota? What is a customs broker? What is a Port of entry? What is a deferred duty … Read more

What are some common misconceptions about dealing with a frozen hot water pipe?

 I found this article <a href=””></a> while searching for information on how to deal with a frozen hot water pipe. It was an excellent resource, providing a detailed explanation of the causes of the problem and effective solutions. I was able to thaw my pipe and prevent it from freezing again, thanks to the tips … Read more


Must include the speaker’s name, bible verses, and contents of the sermon for the week. If doesn’t have them, work would be not acceptable. Video:

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Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: Chapter 3 – study questions 1-8, Exercise 2 Chapter 4 – study questions 1-13, Exercise 5 Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment:Chapter 3 – Complete the assignments noted below:  Review the strategic integration section.  Note what strategic integration is and how it ties to the implementation of technology within … Read more

Big Data Services

  Who would not like to use data insights to grow their business? With the trend for data analytics, Big Data Engineering services have emerged. While Data Science generates insights, Data Engineering prepares the data for business analysis. more read