Complete a Project Schedule. Details on the Project:  Project1 Specifications.pdf Project1 Specifications.pdf – Alternative Formats You must use this project schedule template for the assignment:  Project1 Template.docx  Do not add extra tasks that are not included in the requirements.  A penalty will be assessed for these extra tasks.

Discussion 3

Consider the ER diagram shown in Figure 3.22 for part of a BANK database (also below for reference). Each bank can have multiple branches, and each branch can have multiple accounts and loans. (a) List the strong (nonweak) entity types in the ER diagram. (b) Is there a weak entity type? If so, give its … Read more


This assignment will help to identify the normal growth and development by topic for each age group. In the final column of the assignment, you need to observe a child and apply the information you gathered and document your findings in comparison by the particular age of that child. Competency Compare principles of growth and … Read more

Qn 2

Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: Chapter 3 – study questions 1-8, Exercise 2 Chapter 4 – study questions 1-13, Exercise 5 Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment:Chapter 3 – Complete the assignments noted below:  Review the strategic integration section.  Note what strategic integration is and how it ties to the implementation of technology within … Read more

Discussion 4

App development for mobile devices is both simular and different from development for desktop platforms. Navigation within an app has some of  these similarities and differences; different functionality is provided on different screens. App designers have to provide both the capacity to switch between those screens and make it easy and relatively obvious for users … Read more


 Consider your department or organization’s mission, and the problems you face in the workplace. Identify 2-3 problems you would like to work toward solving. Using the steps outlined on pp. 149-151 in Puccio, Mance, & Murdock, analyze the degree of importance and probability of success for each problem, as well as the “success zone” within which each … Read more

Discussion 2

Think about the last time you utilized a mobile application or attempted to build your own mobile website. What planning process did you go through before you began your project? You may have considered the steps or tasks you needed to perform. You may also have considered the resources and platforms needed for your outcome. … Read more


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Each day, we use the Internet on our personal computers and mobile devices to access information and purchase goods. Websites often have their own mobile form factor while others maintain the same Website user experience, creating challenges when trying to use navigation, overcome errors, search, and complete the most mundane tasks. For this assignment, you … Read more