Please note: You do not need to do voiceover.  Also, I was thinking of the career focus be on foster care or child protective services. I see myself being a counselor in that field.

Assignment 2

  This assignment uses a scoring guide. Review the scoring guide on the first tab of the spreadsheet prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.  Please refer to the attachment

Unit 7 dq

7.1 I need someone to help me discus if we believe the posses “biological preparedness“ for learning. 7.2 I need someone to help me discuss on how the brain changes in response to learning experienc.

Dance review

Go onto YouTube, and access the following videos, which you should view in their entirety: Nacho Duato’s MULTIPLICITY, music by Bach Martha Graham’s APPALACHIAN SPRING, music by Aaron Copland Michel Fokine’s LES SYLPHIDES, music by Chopin Matthew Bourne’s all male SWAN LAKE, the Four Little Swans, music by Tchaikovsky Balanchine;s THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS, all of … Read more

Music B22

Applying Communication and Relationship Building

  How can you apply what you learned about communication and relationship building to your personal, professional, and academic life? Explain how it was relevant and valuable to you in helping you better understand how the skills you learned in this course can be applied to your personal and professional life.  (5-7 sentences)


   Families are as unique as the individuals who form them. While you may utilize the same or similar techniques while working with family systems (through the steps in the GIM and related practice skills), it is also important to recognize that each family has its own unique needs and experiences in the world. The … Read more

7900 Dis Md2

To prepare: • Read the Fullan (2016) chapters for this module, noting the drivers that contribute to successful change and those elements that undermine it. Think about the educational and community changes you and the task force are envisioning for Grand City and how you might collaborate to implement these changes. • Read the Reed … Read more

Eds module 1.dis 2

For this Discussion, you will evaluate programs within your specialization to determine target areas of improvement for educational and social change in Grand City. To prepare: • Review all Learning Resources for this module. Think about the meaning of educational change, the impact of data collection on change initiatives, and the impact of positive social … Read more