Annual report

 Research  and analyze an annual report for a company of your choice, within your  industry, and then write a report that provides a financial rationale  and justification for a recent major strategic decision that they made  using information taken solely from their financial reporting  statements. What specific information can you find in your analysis of … Read more

Technology Assumptions

Business: Klassik Hair Salon  defend  your assumptions about the technology needed for your company’s  continued growth. Would this technology be considered essential to  primary or secondary activities? What do you see as the positive  outcomes of acquiring this technology? How would you measure the  positive results of acquiring the technological innovation?  

Q&A Respond

 Respond to this post ! The two theoretical perspectives I enjoyed reading about were the open system and contingency theory. I felt these theories were very different in their approach to systems. The open systems theory looks at all parts that make a system operate well like the energy, external factors, materials and employee characteristics … Read more


 Discuss weapons proliferation around the world. U.S., Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, etc. What are the threats and issues of weapons proliferation as we move into the future? What country is the biggest threat? What are the challenges in limiting the weapons caches of governments? What is the biggest fear from non-state actors (terrorist groups, … Read more

The War Next Door

Choose one of the 9 major Drug Cartels sited in the article below Find 2 sources other than the one below and answer the following questions: 1. Who are they and where are they from? 2. What drugs do they smuggle?  3. What are their dealings with law enforcement? 4. What impact do they have … Read more


 Discussion: Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research, based on chapter 5-6 of your text, the comparison chart, and any external resources that you have explored.  Describe which research approach would best fit your research interests. Mention at least two considerations for validity/reliability from your Mills text and cite when appropriate. Please be sure to … Read more

MD6 Assignment

 REFLECTING ON YOUR EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST JOURNEY Throughout this course, you have been given an opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished in your educational journey at Walden University and to think about how you will harness your knowledge and skills to contribute to educational and social change. At the conclusion of each module, you … Read more