Workforce Plan

Develop a workforce plan in response a change introduced into your chosen organization’s (COTSCO) environment. (New product development) Using your organization or one you are interested in working for, identify a catalyst for change that results in the need for workforce planning.  Create a workforce plan in which you include the following elements: Brief organizational identification … Read more

discussion board

Find a two-minute clip on any debate aired on the news in the last year. Provide a link to the clip and address the following: What is the context of the argument being made? Identify at least two or three rhetorical devices used during this debate and explain their effect on the audience. Do you … Read more

Legal Research: Confidentiality in Settlement Terms

   2. Some negotiations that result in settlement agreement prohibit the parties from revealing any of the settlement terms. a. Do courts in your jurisdiction (Iowa Jurisdiction District 2) (or nearby jurisdiction) support confidentiality of settlement agreements? b. Are there any instances where the court would order the record to be unsealed?  c. What is … Read more


  Develop a dissertation prospectus outlining the critical elements of your desired doctoral research. Be sure to include the following: Problem statement (3–4 paragraphs) Significance (3–4 paragraphs) Brief description of underlying conceptual or theoretical framework (3 paragraphs) Statement of research purpose (2 paragraphs) Proposed general approach to the research (qualitative) (2 paragraphs) Summary of proposed … Read more

data governance plan

What would a powerpoint presentation look like for the following scenario? Create a strategic improvement plan fr a healthcare organization that includes data collection, data governance, and evidence-based decision-making components.     To ensure that you develop a reliable data governance plan, you have decided to conduct an assessment of your organization’s current practices and to … Read more

The Topic Search Strategy

PICOT Question:    Use of Oxygen to help with Hypoxia and Organ Failure in patients with COPD.    1) Students will be placed into groups by the end of the second week of the session. The groups will work together to select a practice problem of interest as the focus for the three RUA assignments in … Read more

Discussion 3

Post your answer to 1 of the 3 questions with explanation and details. Please follow the Community Café Guidelines for participating in the Community Café.  What is the process for ensuring an adequate and proper sample size for a study?  What are disadvantages of a convenience sample? What are three disadvantages to an observational study … Read more

Research Video

 After you watch this video, write a response to these two questions: 1) What is one piece of advice she gives that you plan to use for the research assignment for this class? 2) Have you used any of her tips when you’ve written research assignments in the past? 

Review of Qualitative Study

1. What was the research design? 2. How were study participants chosen and was the sample size appropriate? 3. Does the research methods fit the purpose of the study? Explain. 4. Are data collection and analysis technniques approproiate for this type of study? Explain. 5. Is the phenomenon (human experience) clearly identified? Explain. 6. What … Read more