Suppose a  flask is filled with 1.2 mol of  H2 and  0.90 of CI2 . The following reaction becomes possible: The equilibrium constant  k for this reaction is 9.86 at the temperature of the flask. Calculate the equilibrium molarity of  . Round your answer to two decimal places.

discussion question

Explore the advantages and limitations of utilizing media-sharing websites, where you can share your photos and videos with others. Discuss the potential benefits that come with using these platforms, as well as the drawbacks that users should be mindful of. Share your perspectives on the impact of media-sharing websites on communication, self-expression, and privacy. Engage … Read more

Thesis and Outline

Topic:  The Effects of the Internet Cause:  the internet Effects:  You tell me For this assignment, you need to submit your thesis statement and outline that can be used for the topic above. Remember, a thesis statement is ONE sentence that tells your topic


The topic of this Homework is climate change. Address the following questions in it: What is the difference between weather and climate? Describe how Earth’s climate can change naturally. How do humans contribute to climate change? Do you feel you have personally contributed to climate change? Use the textbook or other course resources to list … Read more


The topic of this Homework is latitude and longitude, map projections, map scales, and modern mapping technologies. Address the following: What is the difference between a meridian (or longitude) and a parallel (or latitude)? Indicate the latitude and longitude of 5 of the following locations (your choice): The Statue of Liberty Mount Rushmore The Eiffel … Read more

How Does a Leather Jacket Protect You?

 In case of an accident, leather motorcycle jackets do a much better job protecting your skin than most other materials because leather is made from durable hide. Wearing these types of jackets with metal plates, hard sliders, and pre-curve at the arms will allow for abrasion and impact protection.

poltical studies

Use these sources to ague that the discussion was wrong use in text citation Wright, R. George. 2023. “Counterman v. Colorado: True Threats, Speech Harms, and Missed Opportunities.” Social Science Research Network. Rochester, NY. July 7, 2023. “Counterman v. Colorado.” n.d. American Civil Liberties Union. OF THE COURT IN Counterman v. Colorado: Courts … Read more

outpatient setting

  For this assignment, choose three outpatient settings from the list below: Private practice clinic Urgent care center Mobile medical unit Home health care Ambulatory long-term care service Public health service Community health center Free clinic Then, create a presentation (12-15 slides) that considers the current health care trends (economic, social, and technological) in the … Read more

math and science

Describe the commonalities between math and science Explain how science can be integrated across the curriculum Explain how mathematics can be integrated across the curriculum Argue the importance of the professional standards for mathematics and science Explain the impact of Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s research on learning on science and math teaching strategies Explain how young … Read more