career path

  Here are some additional places to LOOK: Social work websites.docDownload Social work web sites.doc The purpose of this assignment is to explore career paths in the Social Service field.  The job announcements will expose you to the vocabulary of the industry, point out education and experience requirements, and give you an idea concerning salary … Read more


Differences and similarities between anxiety disorders, ocd and ptsd   describe at least one assessment/measurement instrument specifically for one of the three disorders  Tell us about the instrument and what constructs /symptoms it specifically measures.  How feasible is it to utilize with clients? You also will need to let us know if it has good reliability … Read more

Thesis and Outline

Topic:  The Effects of the Internet Cause:  the internet Effects:  You tell me For this assignment, you need to submit your thesis statement and outline that can be used for the topic above. Remember, a thesis statement is ONE sentence that tells your topic

Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke

 Provide a summary of the ad or include a screenshot, and explain what the intent behind the ad is.  From there, look at what the ad actually says (like the beer ad from Module 3 says that women are sex objects). Describe how social media plays into the intent and the actual message? What made … Read more

Through self-reflection, mention the competences, behaviors and roles that, in your opinion, should characterize a generalist social worker.

  Through self-reflection, mention the competences, behaviors and roles that, in your opinion, should characterize a generalist social worker. Questions to consider 1. Why is it important to master skills in mainstream social work? 2. Of all the roles, which do you feel most identified with and why?  Through self-reflection, mention the competences, behaviors and … Read more


 Post an assessment of the trauma the adolescent has experienced and how that may impact their development. Bearing in mind that environmental concerns have been addressed, utilize your advanced-level skills to identify a modality that is appropriate for the developmental stage. Finally, describe some assumptions and pitfalls of the modality as it relates to the population.   *This is a Social … Read more


  Describe a current social problem (Homelessness) and the vulnerable population it impacts.  How/when has this problem been identified historically, and what were the actions taken to address this concern?   How have the populations affected by the social problem changed over time?   How might this social problem be incongruent with social work values/ethics?   Describe the next steps for how you … Read more

Discussion – Social, Behavioral, and Psychosocial Aspects of Epidemiology

Please respond to the following: After reviewing this week’s readings, analyze how social, behavioral, and psychosocial aspects of epidemiology are used to make decisions in a health care setting. Imagine you are going to work in a health care setting after finishing your readings for this week. How would you explain social, behavioral, and psychosocial … Read more

Social Media Posts

Create 25 awesome social media posts centered around endemics. They should be related to the organization I mentioned in the document. Tak​e a look at the file for more specifics.

Study 5

SCENARIO: USING TRAITS TO SELECT A CANDIDATE You are the director of a large social service agency that is responsible for 1,000 people. You are hiring an assistant director to handle a “new” program mandated by the state legislature in the area of day-care facilities. The agency is abolishing the old program, which had high … Read more