Need Help on Resources Suggestion for slides for this project

  Choose one of the Business Scenario Options to establish the audience and business perspective for your Emerging Technology Analysis Report. Picked NASCAR Consider the Topic Options presented under each of the Emerging Technology Categories and choose one topic option Picked   Blockchain for Data Security You may use the same topic option previously chosen.   Instructions In … Read more

Informative presentation requirements:

 Based on a personal interest of yours, Choose a current event or issue that impacts college students.  focus on a topic you can research on the Internet or other sources. One goal of the informative speech is to blend personal experience and outside sources to create a successful, informative presentation. 

training presentation

 Training presentation requirements: 4-5 minute training presentation training the audience on how to utilize a resource that promotes student success. Must have presentation aid demonstrating steps or details to use the resource.  

Persuasive Presentation Requirements:

 Persuasive Presentation Requirements: This presentation must be 3-5 minutes, utilize a typed outline, and must utilize the methods from the textbook to persuade the audience to choose to apply to the University of West Alabama as a freshman student. Consider your audience a mix of mostly students and some parents. A visual aid should be … Read more

Project Presentation (part 2)

   Part 2. Presentation Perform a presentation on modern design for large global enterprises using a video recording. Only one initial post is necessary. Thus, please embed the video presentation in the same post as Part 1. You can record a video using Canvas or a video recording software that abides by the Liberty Honor … Read more

Speech Notes

Presentation 2: Type down everything you would say if you were to present the PowerPoint yourself. Presentation 3: The same goes for this one. Try to add in extra things that aren’t on the PowerPoints to make it more informative.