Wk 5 Planning your project

A potential client wants you to be the project manager for a project that involves moving to a new computerized human resources management system that supports the firm’s functions such as staffing, compensation, employee relations, and benefits. The client is very vague about what needs to be done, and all they know is that they … Read more

Professional Organizations and Certification Programs

Please respond to the following in a substantive post (3-4 paragraphs): · Select three of these organizations that are most relevant to your career goals. · Explain the purpose and focus of your three selected organizations. · Describe how joining and participating in these three organizations could help you begin or advance your IT career.

How to make a report in a website?

How to make a report in a website? We have a project analysis on services online. We have to choose a service website and do analysis. It should answer 1. the focus, 2 the metrics, 3. the content, 4. summary. The website I have to do the analysis is https://mvp-plumbing.com/ .  Can you help me?

English Homework Help

The objective is to craft a story that you could one day use to show a potential client or employer. This project will be divided into 3 sections that build upon themselves: Final Project: Part 2: Pre-Production: 5 points Create a completed Story Table with separate columns for Narrative “script”, Visual/shots & Graphics, and Audio … Read more