Psych Presentation

Power point presentation   For this assignment you will consider your dream job as a PMHNP based on what you have learned about the role. What Specific Age Group or Population you would like to treat. Choose one age group or population that is of the most interest to you to treat as a PMHNP … Read more

Article Review

  Regehr, Cheryl and Antle, Beverly. (1997). Coercive Influences: Informed Consent in Court-Mandated Social Work Practice. Social Work. May97, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p300-306. 7p.


behavior plan

  Review how to create behavior plans (you created one in EDU506).  You may NOT re-use the behavior plan from EDU506 for this assignment (this assignment will be checked with Turnitin), but you may use it to refresh your memory on the various elements of an effective plan. Describe a hypothetical class of your own … Read more


In a short-answer response, summarize the key points of the talk incorporating terms from lecture. Include anything you’ve learned from the talk, can apply in your professional and/or personal life, as well as any questions you would have for the presenter.


How do psychiatric drugs mimic the effects of neurotransmitters in order to treat psychological disorders? How can the “fight-flight-freeze” response be helpful to humans in emergency situations? When may the “fight-flight-freeze” response be harmful, or non-beneficial?  The amygdala and hippocampus are located in close physical proximity to one another in the brain. What significance or … Read more

Psychology Choose one video from a ted talk about psychology and write a 2 paragraph minimum summarizing about the talk, What was the most interesting, or new information, you extracted from the talk? 

Psych Mental 2

 In a review of the content and material related to a psychiatric mental health assessment interview, what components were surprising for you or different from your previous nursing experience intake information? 

annotated bibliography

what would a 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources annotated bibliography look like that would  : Enhancement of the Assignment Personal/Professional Growth and Development Topic of interest for further investigation based on course content this topic would be involving accessing mental health services.