Unit 5 discussion reply

Based on the video “Sugar: Hiding in Plain Sight” there are many ways in which sugar is present within our daily food intake, often without us knowing. Due to the various aliases that sugar has including high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, maltose and about 53 other nomenclatures, these aliases make it difficult to avoid overconsumption … Read more

250 words

 Please comment on the statement below. The major task of adolescence is to become ‘your own person’. Adolescents learn to make choices and commitments, follow through with them, and stand up independently in the world. They need to be respected for taking on these tasks. After all, we respect adults who can do these things. … Read more


 You are assigned a criminal mind projectt This assignment is about focusing on an infamous person(RICHARD T CHASE) with a mentaldisorder. You need to identify and present significance in the following areas: childhood, late adolescent/ earlytwenties, family influence, diagnosis/treatment (including meds if prescribed), substance abuse/alcohol, theinfamous act/traumatic event, incarceration, death, where they are now and … Read more

Steel Structure Design and Construction – Entegra Signature Structures

 Entegra Signature Structures deliver a diverse range of high-quality steel structures and sheds for dairy, cotton sheds, and sheds for your every need, offering the best aesthetic style and durable functionality. We offer a great range of products. Including quality steel hay sheds, machinery sheds commercial, and industrial buildings & sheds. Also warehousing and distribution … Read more

Male Reproductive System

  Available: Aug 8, 2022 2:00amAvailable: Aug 8, 2022 2:00amuntil Aug 14, 2022 11:59pm until Aug 14, 2022 11:59pmDetails Step 1: In a one to two-page paper, describe the male reproductive organs. Describe the functions of each structure Explain a vasectomy procedure Include any legal, ethical, moral, and economical issues associated with this procedure.   Assignment Expectations for Grading:   1. Demonstration of critical thinking, … Read more

Permainan Judi Online Poker 88 Asia

Poker 88 adalah situs poker online terbaik serta sangat terpercaya di Indonesia, Permainan – permainan yang kami sediakan juga bisa di mainkan Melalui HP Android, ataupun iOS, Jadi Member bisa bermain Permainan-permainan yg kami sediakan dimana pun pemain berada Selain itu kami ialah situs judi Online Terpercaya pada Asia. terdapat banyak sekali permainan kartu dan  … Read more

social work with groups

“Social Work with groups” The history and evolution of social work with groups. It will differentiate between social work with groups and group therapy. Explain clearly and precisely the differences between group social work versus group therapy


  This writing is for a sociology class which is writing a memo which you need to summarize, reflect and ask two questions from the reading based on the two readings given below. In this memo, you need to 1) briefly summarize (1-2 sentences) the main point/argument of each reading 2) discuss your thoughts/impressions/comments related … Read more


  Use your selected company from Weeks 1-2 for this week’s assessment. A primary technique of deeper analysis of an organization is the Porter’s Five Forces Model. This technique is often used when looking at your competitive advantage. Looking at your competitive advantage is important to aligning your operational needs with your business strategies. Review … Read more