Select TWO  passages from this passage (“Cato the Elder”). In the first, comment on the ways that cato aimed to appear to be a “traditional” Roman. Why do you think he did this? In the second, comment on his response to culture change underway in Roman society. Do you belive that he was justified in … Read more


Select TWO  passages from this passage (“Debate on salt and Iron”). For each selection, comment on how this reflects legalist or Confucian thinking, and comment on the response of the other position. Include your own personal opinion on each of these. * Make sure you use what is found in the textbook do not include … Read more


Select TWO  of the primary sources from the passage. Comment on how each offers useful insight on that particular culture and society and how this insight aligns with our course content. what do we learn from this? be specific in your response. * Make sure you use what is found in the textbook do not … Read more


Select two passages from the textbook and highlight them. On each, comment on this offers useful insight on that particular period and how this insight aligns with our course content. What do we learn from this? Why do you think this content was committed to written form? Be specific in your response. * so for … Read more

Cults & Terrorism

   create a presentation that focuses on a 21st century movement.  This could be a social movement (like a cult or new religious movement) or an extremist/terrorist group. Specifically, you will create a presentation that summarizes your chosen movement, including providing a summary of the group’s value system.   Contrast the value system of the … Read more

Primary Source : Tijerina and Salazar

Chapter 8 focuses on the rise of the Chicano Movement. In the final Primary Source, the focus is on 2 Chicano leaders, one each from New Mexico and California. What were the similarities in their goals and were the differences in their approach to achieving those goals. 

Public Health

 summarizing the history of tuberculosis and take this information up to tuberculosis today. Include a graph of statistics (specific to your home state) to show if tuberculosis cases have increased or decreased in your state since 1980. Discuss why you feel this is significant and explain why you think these numbers are so high or … Read more

The American Civil War

Question 1 – Blue or the Gray? Imagine that you lived during the time of the American Civil War and had the same socio/economic/racial/gender position you have right now. Would you support the Union or the Confederacy? Be sure to explain why you chose the side that you do.  Remember, not all Southerners supported the … Read more


  1.) Analyze the factors that led the United States to a disengaged foreign policy during the decades between World Wars I and II. Although politically disengaged, describe the nature of our involvement in international affairs during this era. Assess Roosevelt’s foreign policy leadership in the 1930s. 2.) Develop a comprehensive look at the condition … Read more

Module 2-Listening Assignment-Timbre Please complete assignment by using pdf attached.