Read the article by Gerber et al. (2004), and book chapters (Richards & Leafstedt, 2009) posted on Canvas under the heading “Teaching Small Intervention Groups”. Read the section on Core Intervention Model (CIM) from pp. 241-242 of the article and book chapter (chapter 6) and write a response. Your response might include information such … Read more

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In your Discussion post: Explain technology forecasting and its importance Differentiate between its different levels Discuss the different forecasting methods  Identify the organizations that are devoted to healthcare technology assessment  Lead a discussion of any challenges associated with technology forecasting.  Make sure to include citations from your research including this week’s content and additional resources … Read more

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The topic that I have chosen is children who are victims of child abuse in child protective services. My articles will be related to the cases of child abuse reported, how the abuse affects children mentally or emotionally, what parents or caregivers can do to help prevent it, and what can be done by social … Read more


Ch. 5 Why are puppet traditions found in so many cultures?  Ch.10 Why have clown characters existed across time and place?  What purpose do they serve in society? Why do you suppose artists reacted so quickly against realism in scenic design?  What factors influenced the notion of modernism? Is it important to maintain the traditional … Read more

artho 14 Globalization makes new forms of consumption possible, but the effects of globalization on an individual’s lifestyle vary based on many factors including socioeconomic status. In what ways is globalization experienced differently by people from wealthy countries compared to people in developing countries? How are producers of commodities like clothing or food affected differently … Read more

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a significant legislative milestone that greatly impacted discrimination in many ways.  While it was a landmark for labor and equality, its implementation encountered resistance, as rhetoric from pro-segregation leaders called for the preservation of “traditional values.”  If you were an anthropologist researching these groups, how might cultural relativism factor into … Read more

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What are the goals of costume design? Why do productions need intimacy choreographers/directors? What are some elements that are common between fight choreography, lighting design, and costume design? Read the beginning of the “Blues for An Alabama Sky” script – (u can just look up summary for start of script) Describe how you might think … Read more


  1) Find a recent news article discussing a social issue and related policy (copy the link and paste in your post). 2) Employ EITHER the multiple streams framework OR the narrative policy framework to break down what is contributing to the policies being implemented or discussed. (Hint: Using either framework will require discussion of … Read more