Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 1000 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. For this discussion,  Research IT audit standards.  Discuss the … Read more

PowerPoint Presentation II

  Instructions In this assignment, you will create a presentation for your organization explaining how successful collaboration can improve success and provide competitive advantages.Scenario: Your organization has used a variety of collaboration systems developed by some project managers. Some of these systems were successful while others were not. Your organization has one unique challenge – … Read more

Academic paper

Create a two-page document that evaluates the impact of application portfolio management.  Identify benefits that an organization can find using this methodology.   Your submission must have a title and reference page that does not count towards your one-page minimum.  Use at least two scholarly resources, do not use Wikipedia as a source. 

Risk management project part 5

 This project is divided into several parts, each with a deliverable. The first four parts are drafts. These documents should resemble business reports in that they are organized by headings, include source citations (if any), be readable, and be free from typos and grammatical errors. However, they are not final, polished reports.Please see the attached … Read more


   Discussion (Chapter 12): Examine Alexa’s skill in ordering drinks from Starbucks. Your response should be 250-300 words.   Discussion  (Chapter 13): Research Apple Home Pod. How does it interact with smart home devices?  Alexa is now connected to smart home devices such as thermostats and microwaves. Find examples of other appliances that are connected … Read more


   1. Some people say that chatbots are inferior for chatting. Others disagree. Discuss. 2. Discuss the financial benefits of chatbots. 1. Compare the chatbots of Facebook and WeChat. Which has more functionalities? 12. Research the role of chatbots in helping patients with dementia. 1. Compare the IoT with regular Internet. 2. Discuss the potential … Read more

Questions – BIP

  Portfolio Assignment (Practical Connection Assignment) This week discuss a current business process in a specific industry.  Note the following:-The current business process itself. (Do not explain what a process means in general!)-The industry the business process is utilized in.After explaining the current situation, take the current learning from the course and: Explain a new … Read more