Project Management

Through your work in the assignments, you have now delivered the project to your customer ahead of schedule but slightly over budget. Now it is time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well. What would you have done differently in terms of scope, resources, and schedule, and why? 

Week 2 Video Game MOBA

Based on what you’ve read and have watched so far this week. Consider Bartle’s Taxonomy  Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit MUDs by Richard Bartle.” Bartle’s Taxonomy was the earliest attempt to break down player psychology in a multiplayer environment. Richard Bartle, who created the first MUD in 1978, interviewed the players of his games … Read more


 The Covid-19 Pandemic shifted many individuals and organizations to work from home (teleworking).  What are some of the challenges, vulnerabilities, and costs associated with teleworking that impact network management, maintenance, and monitoring?  

Discussion and student response

  A relational database model allows database users to analyze data  thoroughly. To accomplish this, advanced commands such as “union” and  “intersect” may be used. Describe a business scenario where a “union” relational set operator may be used to merge two similar data sets. Analyze the analysis and data consistency advantages of using a  “union” … Read more


 Take screenshots of three different charts used in data exploration and  include at least two data exploration functions that can be completed  with each chart. In addition, include an alternative chart that could be  used for the same functions. 

Discussion Seven – Social Networking

  Discussion Seven – Social Networking Social networking Web sites create online communities of Internet users that eliminate barriers created by time, distance, and cultural differences. These sites allow people to interact with others online by sharing opinions, insights, information, interests, and experiences.  Members may use the site to interact with friends, family members, and … Read more

Project Management

Your project sponsor pulls you aside and admits that she has no idea what earned value management (EVM) concepts, such as AC, BCWP, and EV, mean; she is only concerned that you deliver the project ahead of schedule and under budget. Develop a project to educate her, including which EVM performance measures you would educate … Read more

Discussion and reply to student

  Extracting and interpreting data can be very valuable to an organization. Describe the importance of using sub queries in a database system.  Provide at least two business case scenarios to support your response. Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.