Criminal Liability

The topic is “Identifying and explaining defenses to criminal liability”  The minimum word count must exceed 1500 words. It must possess a minimum of five credible sources, typed, and double-spaced. It also require a minimum of 50% original content (content not cited). I want good credible sources from academic journals, case law, textbooks, etc., as … Read more

NY Gun Law

  Analyze the listed ideas and discuss their relation to the United States Legal System. Reflect on how this subject matter may relate to your life and the life of others as well as popular culture in general. Only one post required. The minimum word count for each Current Event posting will be 150 words.

4 page APA American Policing Case Study

Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness Report You have been hired as the chief of police in a community where there are strained police-community relations due to several instances of cultural insensitivity. In addition, police department morale is also low due to complaints regarding cultural insensitivity among police officers. For this Assessment, you will create a professional … Read more

Patriot Act & Homeland Security Act and Cyber Crime

   Patriot Act & Homeland Security Act and Cyber Crime Prior to beginning work on this discussion read the Fong and Delaney (2013) (Links to an external site.) article and the Mitchell and Pate online resource (Links to an external site.). The destruction of the World Trade Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the crashing of Flight … Read more

Mass Shootings

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 9 and 10 from the textbook. Additionally, read the US Department of Justice and US Department of Education report, Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2019 (Links to an external site.). As you learn in the readings, media reports of school crime tend to create misconceptions of … Read more

Module 9

4 pages.    Pls check both files. Instructions are in the Module 9 assignment file and questions are in the question file. Total 10 questions.  Need 4 pages total. It is business law class. 


  Instructions: This assignment will address prior and possible current threats to the assets in the environment (used in this project). NOTE: If you conduct research on your environment and are unable to find any history of actual previous threats then project the types of threats that could have existed previously in your chosen environment. … Read more

APA style 10 slide powerpoint – American Law

Select either female offenders or offenders with mental health disorders for this assessment. Research the historical context for treatment of your selected population as well as their special needs. Review the literature on treatment programs intended for your population. Select a program that has empirical support for its effectiveness. Your selected program should be relevant … Read more