Unit 6 outline

 Senator Boller wants to understand the legal landscape regarding “torture,” particularly as it applies to detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Accordingly, he asks you to make an outline that summarizes/briefs United States v. Charles Emmanuel, explaining the issue in the case, the rules provided, the legal background regarding the law on torture, and the constitutionality of the law … Read more

Unit 4 Outline

 Legal Outline Kladimir Gav Butin (KGB), a Russian citizen studying history and political theory at George Washington University, is still bitter about the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Determined to take down the United States, KGB sends an email to a friend of his who works for the Russian Foreign Intelligence … Read more

Border Patrol

   Contemporary criminal justice administrators must have familiarity with the rapidly growing issue of undocumented or illegal aliens in the United States.  Focus your discussion on sharing your opinions on the following:  What is the main problem that is faced by law enforcement in protecting U.S. borders?   What is 1 idea for how law enforcement … Read more

Respond to Vanessa Post

This topic is definitely one that I had a hard time siding with either or. Overall, I would say that plea bargaining is an effective alternative process within our justice system. With that being said, I believe that there should be restrictions on when plea bargaining can and cannot be used as well as how … Read more

Respond to Teresa Post

I do believe that a person should be able to live their individual life based on how and what they’re beliefs are as long as their beliefs do not break the law or cause harm to another person. I do not think a person should become a part of an organization that engages in activity … Read more

Discussion Post

Specify the most common intermediate sanction according to your textbook. Explain the three most significant problems facing the intermediate sanctions movement. Describe alternative sanctions you think are best according to existing evidence.


  Now, let’s practice what we just learned in the video on Facts and OpinionsLinks to an external site. In the Discussion Board below, please do the follow: 1. Copy the same Week 2 Discussion assignment that you used earlier in this module and paste it below, and 2. using only two different colors, go … Read more

Group Potion

  The state crime lab has contracted AB Investigative Services (ABIS) to prepare a forensic plan to ensure that current problems with computer forensic investigations are erased and training is provided. An initial ABIS audit shows that many areas of the lab are not prepared to conduct extensive computer forensic evidence collection. You have been … Read more

Research in the Workplace Project

 Reflecting on your instructor’s feedback in Weeks One, Three, and Five, put all your information together into a presentation. You may use any presentation program you chose, such as PowerPoint or Prezi. Imagine that you are going to give this presentation at a board meeting, faculty meeting, or company conference. Your presentation should be at … Read more