Religious Freedom and Social Issues

  In 2018, the town of Prattville erected a monument with the 10 Commandments inscribed on its face.  A private citizen donated the monument to the city, which was placed in the town square next to several bronze statues of children playing with balls and leaves. A town resident filed a preliminary injunction to have … Read more

Unit 7.2 Discussion: Juvenile vs Adult Systems

 Some areas of the juvenile justice system are very different than the adult system.  What are the major similarities and differences between the two systems.  Pick one of these differences and explain how you feel it would affect the other system if it was implemented there. 

Week 2 journal

What is being done to fight child pornography and child exploitation online?      How have existing practices in storing individuals’ personal information facilitated identity theft? Can a universal definition cyberterrorism be created?   In what ways can cyberterrorism be combated? What is intellectual property and why should it be protected? Choose one cybercrime (it does not … Read more


 Discuss how America society and culture promote both privileged and under-privileged crime. Keeping in mind strain, differential association, and rational choice theories; which one alone or in combination can best explain why both types of deviants engage in deviant crime? 

societal changes

  A recent event has caused uproar in demands for law enforcement to be attentive to activities that could lead to terrorism or gang activity. Race has been a source of controversy because of the stereotypes and labels put on individuals from certain races and religious backgrounds. Opinions about issues in society are often the … Read more

Business Law

As of this week, you would have studied sixteen chapters of business law, covering such area as: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Dynamic Business Law The U.S. Legal System and Alternative Dispute Resolution Constitutional Law Criminal Law and Business Tort Law Real, Personal & Intellectual Property The Law of Contracts & Agreements Secured Transactions … Read more

Discussion 10 Methods of Research

Congressional researchers recently published an explainer on the implications of marijuana being classified as a Schedule I drug under federal law and options for Congress to change that. The report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) was released the day after President Joe Biden issued a mass cannabis pardon Links to an external site. for … Read more


  1. Select one of the statements below (a-c), state whether you agree or disagree, and defend your position using terminology you have learned from your economics course. There are no right or wrong answers; there are only defended and undefended positions! a. The federal government should not continue to give stimulus checks to individuals because the … Read more