Disorders of Erythrocyte Function

  Sickle cell disease is an adaptive response against malaria. Discuss and identify the pathogen and transmission of malaria. 2. Where and why do you think an adaptation occurred that led to the development of sickle cell disease and what is the pathophysiology of the adaptation? 3. Why do people who no longer live in … Read more

Performance Appraisal Proposal

Performance Appraisal Proposal. The HR director approached the HR team requesting a reassessment of the current performance appraisal process and expectations. The HR director has broken the department into small groups and has asked each to research and propose a performance appraisal process to move forward with. Once the proposals are submitted, they will be … Read more


 the neurologic system . You will need to cover the pathophysiology of CVA/Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and headaches. Please use resources no older than 5 years. You are welcome to use resources from the CDC, your textbook and peer reviewed articles, etc  

Critical Appraisal of a Qualitative Research Study

  Directions: Initial Post: For your initial post, select one current nursing qualitative research article that can be translated into evidence-based practice. Review the article and complete the worksheet provided. Your analysis will include the required elements of the research process. Identify the steps or elements of the study. Determine the strengths and limitations of … Read more

dimension m6 diss

  One of the most important skills a nurse needs is clinical judgment. This is a skill that can be learned. Reflect on your own ability to critically think and the reading for this module. When see yourself as a nurse and giving care, discuss what qualities and behaviors you possess that make you a … Read more

project 5

Should Nicki quit her job, speak to her supervisor, and/or go over her head to others in the chain of command? Explain and cite reasons for your answers. Nicki has kept thousands of documents that she believes are fraudulent in nature. What should she do with these? Should she provide them to her supervisor? The … Read more

week 5 disc

Ethics vs. Law Health care professionals practice in an environment that is complex, with many regulations, laws, and standards of practice. Performing an abortion is legal but may not be considered ethical by other health care professionals or members of the public at large. Other ethical dilemmas arise at the end of life, when a … Read more

week4 project

You are asked to lead a team to update a policy on hospital attire in the workplace. For this exercise you will be developing a team charter. To complete this assignment, do the following: Provide an introduction section that describes the background of issue your team will be addressing. What is the vision/mission and objectives … Read more

Week 3 social insurance

Social InsuranceA program of compensation provided and controlled by a government for the elderly, the disabled, or the unemployed people is known as the social insurance program. Acceptance in a social insurance program is not guaranteed and individuals seeking to be covered have to meet certain requirements. Social insurance may come in the form of … Read more


   REQUIRED READING · McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2022). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. o Chapter 9, “Systems Development Life Cycle: Nursing Informatics and Organizational Decision Making” (pp. 191–204) o Chapter 12, “Electronic Security” (pp. 251–265) o Chapter 13, “Achieving Excellence by Managing Workflow and … Read more