Reflection Discussion week 15

  Reflection Discussion Welcome to our reflection discussion. Please reflect on the topics we have covered over the last 15 weeks, discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of mentors during the course. Rationale must be provided 400 words in your initial  Minimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last … Read more

Peds – Week 5 Discussion 1st REPLY

Please reply to the following discussion with one reference. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Cite resources in your responses … Read more


TOPIC : Christianity and Ableism as punishment from God (400 – 1800 CE) 1) Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out. 2) What ways was disability defined during your topic’s era? 3) How were the differently abled (disabled) treated during your topic’s time? 4) What beliefs, … Read more

discussion responds post

Discussion post 1 Based on the case study, the patient is taking two drugs that are treating two different conditions, and I believe she does not have enough information about their side effects and other interactions that both the physician and the cardiologist were supposed to provide this led to a fall and make the … Read more

Health Disparities Interventions

 Overview: In this work, you will review interventions made in other countries that have impacted health disparities. Your response will be saved in .doc or .docx format, use APA format and resources, and be 3-5 pages in length.   *Consider the Rubric. See picture below  Instructions: Review the Learning      Resources and lessons in this module. Review … Read more

Health Care Needs

   Health Care Needs Overview: In this work, you will explain the findings from a healthcare leader or business leader on how they determine the health needs of their community. Your findings will be presented in a 3-5 page summary in.doc or .docx using APA style and references.  *Consider the Rubric. See picture below Instructions: … Read more

Discussion – What Would You Do?

Directions: Consider the scenario below, then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the discussion. If appropriate, support your position with credible resources/examples/evidence and provide APA references. Mr. B Mr. B, a 70-year-old male client, presented to his primary care physician with complaints of blurred vision and headaches over the last two months. On several … Read more

Discussion 500 words. Make sure you provide 2 references and utilize APA style.. . Discussion Rubric

  Discussion: Healthy aging is an important public health issue, both nationally and internationally. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes healthy aging as a process whereby all people of all ages are able to live a healthy, safe and socially inclusive lifestyle. Discuss how social determinants of health for the older adult are impacted for … Read more

Fundamentals project

In this second submission of your Course Project, you will be completing a health history, physical assessment of your client and determining their nursing diagnoses. This written assignment should include the following: Health Assessment, Health History, and Nursing Diagnosis A brief medical/health history Summary of laboratory diagnostic results related to the illness/condition and what they … Read more

Nutrition discussion

In this assignment you will review a case that deals with a client who has GERD. Clinical Case: Mrs. G. is a 45-year-old female arrives at the emergency department where you are working with complaints of burning pain in her chest and throat and a sour taste in her mouth. She states this pain has … Read more