Cultural Identity

Cultural Self-Analysis – Create a PowerPoint (or similar project using a web-based platform)describing your cultural identity and its impact on your life and interactions with others in terms of the following questions. Please be sure to explicitly address all of the questions in each section. The PowerPoint/Project should flow as a narrative story rather than … Read more

Psychology assignment 1

  an Engagement Role-Play Video, and submit the Engagement Role-Play Report. The directions for Part 1 of this Assignment are described below. PART 1: Engagement Role-Play Video (4–6 minutes) Record a role-play video that demonstrates engagement skills. You take on the role of the social worker, while a friend, family member, or colleague takes on … Read more

Movie analysis

Prompt: “Select a TV show or movie that is in an organizational setting and has significant power dynamics to unpack. Use frameworks and concepts from class to analyze how power is interacting and being used by people and groups in the video. Map the political landscape. What is effective and ineffective? What are the ethical … Read more


Competency Prioritize nursing care strategies for clients with cardiovascular disorders. Scenario Cardiac disease a one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Since it is so prevalent, you want to ensure your co-workers are fully prepared to care for patients. You are hosting a lunch to provide a refresher on heart disease … Read more


 Create a Power Point Presentation  10 slide about one of the diseases  that affect the elderly population . Alzheimer’s    You are going to include: Pathophysiology of disease. Signs and symptoms. NANDA diagnosis related to the condition. Care of the patient in the Acute Setting and Nursing Interventions. Medication Management.

How can I find solar companies in my state?  is a review site analyzing the top solar energy delivering services in your state. The info is structured and gives comprehensive information about solar energy providers. This info is regularly updated to ensure you use up-to-date data. It is easy to find solar systems by states because there is the list containing available solar … Read more


 the neurologic system . You will need to cover the pathophysiology of CVA/Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and headaches. Please use resources no older than 5 years. You are welcome to use resources from the CDC, your textbook and peer reviewed articles, etc  


  At a AKT Hospital, you have been tasked to create to create a PowerPoint presentation with 10-12 slides about various organizations that conduct health care research: The presentation will include a list of 8-10 organizations that conduct health care statistical research.   Each slide will have 4-6 bullets and 100-150 words of speaker’s notes and … Read more


Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation to provide an overview of relevant health related issues in individuals  with developmental disabilities  and how  it  relates  to  the  group  of  professionals  assigned  (e.g. physicians, dentists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, optometrists, etc.). Specific issues faced by individuals with developmental disabilities within the selected profession should … Read more