Gametogenesis (genetic/congenital disorders):

 Gametogenesis (genetic/congenital disorders):  1. Give an explanation for increased incidence of non-disjunction with age in females.  2. Describe the correlation between parental ages and genetic/congenital disorders.  3. Describe teratocarcinoma including location, cause and form. 15  4. How embryonic stem cell lines area related to teratocarcinoma and how are they used in research?  What would be … Read more


 Gametogenesis (normal development):  1. Describe the five stages of cell division  2. Describe the four stages of mitosis  3. List two ways in which meiosis contributes to genetic diversity and why it is considered beneficial  4. Identify a normal male and female karyotype and enumerate the number of chromosomes, autosomes, DNA content and ploidy. Interpret … Read more


  Triage involves the rapid assessment and prioritization of patients. Compare the three-tiered system of triage to the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) triage philosophy. Imagine that you are the Triage Nurse during an MCI. How will you categorize the following patients using the MCI triage philosophy? Explain your answer. Are there any ethical issues that … Read more

Nurse Practitioner Brochure

Pretend that you are a New Nurse Practitioner (General medicine) opening up your own practice in Florida.  Design a brochure with your mission statement, services you offer, fees will be all visit $88.00 which includes office visit.   Service offered: Routine medical care, Chronic illness, Acute illness  Integrated health care, sick visit, Physicals and vaccination, … Read more