Inside the box of every cereal box contains a surprise gift. The store manager assures employees that 11 of the 51 boxes on the shelf have a secret decoder ring and inside the other 40 boxes on the shelf contain a different gift. If two cereal boxes are randomly selected from the shelf to purchase, … Read more


the work. 1. The time (in minutes) spent stopped in rush-hour tra¢ c by 18 drivers was recorded and is tabulated below. 50 52 49 53 53 58 40 30 41 62 61 51 60 71 59 64 22 35 Determine the following: (a) Determine the mode of the data. (b) Determine the range of … Read more


A Survey of 30 people to find out if they are left-handed or right-handed, and use the following chart to create a contingency table with the information. Left handed= 6  Right handed = 24 Total Female lefty =4 righty=16 Male lefty Total= 2 righty=8 Answer the following questions about the information in your contingency table: … Read more

Statistics Help!

Describe the distribution of hours worked each week. Provide appropriate numerical summaries based on the shape of your distribution. Describe the shape, center, and spread using numerical measures that best describe the distribution. In your description, include an interval of typical values and a discussion of variability. Do the data suggest that there is a … Read more