Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

Use the Revenue Analysis Template to display the data in your research from the Revenue Worksheet.  Also, report the means and standard deviations as whole dollars. After filling in the template, Answer 3 questions: 1) Which set of data shows the highest variation and which shows the lowest variation?  2) Which state shows the highest … Read more


   How would a memo look that would help increase an organization’s reliance on data for planning, operation, and management? The memo would have to demonstrate the power of predictive analytics to the organization’s board by: 1. Highlight the benefits of employing analytics for healthcare decision-making. 2. Demonstrate the utility of predictive analytics for healthcare … Read more

Statistics probability

Business Weekly conducted a survey of graduates from 30 top MBA programs. On the basis of the survey, assume the mean annual salary for graduates 10 years after graduation is 147000 dollars. Assume the standard deviation is 35000 dollars. Suppose you take a simple random sample of 61 graduates. Find the probability that a single … Read more

health care statistics. dp4

  There are many purposes for and types of health care data. In this discussion, you will summarize the purpose for and types of health care data, and discuss the emerging field of data analytics and Big Data as they are used in health care management. Include the following in your discussion post: Explain the … Read more


SUBMIT IN PDF format only. Review the HW 1 Rubric (attachment) Please Do NOT submit documents as drafts that you intend to be considered for grading.  This means that you need to press the Submit button twice Directions:  A) Please review ALL notes and resources posted in Moodle, for week 1 and 2, and all documents … Read more


post 1 (Binomial Probability) Choose a value for p between 0.20 and 0.80. It should have at least two decimal places. When you create the thread on Blackboard, put your p = your value in the title. I must be different from the other student’s p. Find the following binomial probabilities. Show all your work. … Read more