Healthcare Benchmarking and Quality Analysis 2

 Description You are a staff member in the finance department at Nouveau Health, whose sole responsibility is to advance the success of the organization through assisting in planning, forecasting, and finance management. Complete the following: Prepare next year’s financial plan and operational budget. Note: Use the budget attached; it did not take into account the … Read more

Research Project

I have a proposal of a research study, title is    The Effectiveness of Quality Improvement Initiatives in Reducing the No-Show Rate of Out-Patient Clinics: A Retrospective Study  Part of the work is already done, I need help to continue the work. so,  I will provide you with:  1. Presentation of the quality Initiatives  2. … Read more


    Overview For this Written Response Assessment, you will respond to a series of  prompts related to environments and strategies that support quality  inclusion for young children. Professional Skill: Written Communication is assessed in this Competency. Submission Length: 6 prompts with responses ranging from 1–3 paragraphs in length.   Instructions To complete this Assessment: Download … Read more

Improving Quality

You are committed to improving the quality of developing software applications. Identify and discuss three recommendations for improving quality in IT software development projects. Justify your response.

Week 6 Discussion

This week provides an opportunity as you end the course to put all your reading and thinking about quality and safety together.  You have read IOM reports from the last 20 years and have reviewed a variety of nursing and health care quality and safety initiatives.  Describe the current state of informatics, quality, and safety in … Read more

Run Charts & Statistical control discussion

Readings: Chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14 in the textbook (3rd edition) Chapters 13, 14, and 15 in textbook (2nd edition) Run Charts: Use of Run Charts: Statistical Process Control General Information: library/analysis-for-healthcare-improvement/ and Statistical Process Control in Health Care:

health care quality

The direction for this assignment will be:  Take an aspect of health care quality or risk management and expand on it.  In the past, students have submitted  on topics such as:  Nosocomial Infections and how to determine their causes and solutions (this student worked in a clinical setting); balanced scorecards, a deeper dive into the … Read more

Quality improvement final project

Goal: To assess a clinical issue that is the focus of the Quality Improvement Project. Evaluate the clinical project. Putting it all together for the final Quality Improvement Project. Content Requirements: A description of the clinical issue to be addressed in the project. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for the project. Analysis of … Read more

Quality improvement project part 2

Goal: To assess a clinical issue that is the focus of the Quality Improvement Project. Create a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for the project. Content Requirements: Identify strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats for improvement related to the clinical issue identified. Analyze the SWOT data to provide the foundation for an action plan for … Read more