Describe a disaster recovery plan (DRP), including why it is an important function within IT and how it could be used. Explain how a DRP differs from a business continuity plan (BCP) by describing three key points that would be covered in a DRP that would not be included within a BCP.

Develop a disaster recovery plan for an organization.

 Develop a disaster recovery plan for an organization. There are many different templates available online for you to use as reference and guidance. Your plan should cover the following sections (these sections detail the elements in a DR plan in the sequence defined by industry compliance standards ISO 27031 and ISO 24762).This section should summarize … Read more

Research Project and Outline

Research Project Topic and Outline The research project is a research-based paper on a Disaster and Recovery Planning topic. Pick ONLY ONE of the topics listed below and prepare a 250 word abstract detailing the general structure of your proposed research paper.Topic 1. Organizational ReadinessTopic 2. Incident ResponseTopic 3. Disaster RecoveryTopic 4. Business Continuity PlanningTopic 5. … Read more