week 7 discussion

  Respond to two (2) of the following prompts: Explain what stigmatization of illness means. Choose a common illness and explain how it might be stigmatized for people of different cultures or social classes?   Why do you think the United States has high obesity-related illnesses in comparison to lower-income nations? Within our society, what contributes … Read more


REPLIES 1  The racial and ethnic demographics of where I grew up was definitely not as diverse as most people. I grew up in a small town in Alabama, the percentage of people who identify as white is 92.2%, the percentage of people who identify as African American is 1.3%, and the percentage of people … Read more

week 4: Discussion

  Respond to two (2) of the following prompts: How has U.S. society’s understanding of race and ethnicity evolved over time? Why do the cultural explanations for race and ethnicity exceed the biological ones? What impact does constantly evolving terminology related to race and ethnicity have on racial and ethnic relations in the U.S.? 2. … Read more

Week 9 Discussion: Confidentiality and the Protection of Patient Information

  Respond to the following question based on this weeks lesson and,  if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience. What is confidentiality? How is confidentiality impacted by HIPAA? Describe at least one incident when confidential information within an informatics system was improperly disclosed. If you have not had this experience, describe at least one … Read more