4-1 Discussion

Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts. For your initial post, address the following: Identify a major development that occurred in one perspective of the social sciences that affected how your advertisements might be studied. This could be an event, technological advancement, discovery, rejection/acceptance of a theory, or paradigm … Read more

Sociology 111

  Now that you have learned about sociological theory and research practices, it’s your turn to think like a sociologist. Pretend you are a social researcher and that you want to answer a question about social life using sociological tools. Complete the following exercise: Ask a question about society that you think a sociologist could … Read more

Moral Analysis

In your writing assignment you will analyze a moral question from the perspectives of the four families of moral values. Your first step is to select a moral question from Section 1 (The Personal, pages 1-61), or Section 2 (The Public, pages 62-115), or Section 3 (The Political, pages 116-165) of George’s What Should I … Read more

Discussion Post

  Sociologists work to understand the role religion serves in our society. One way religion serves society is to connect people so that they work together to establish a support network. Based on the elements of relationship building and religion you learned this week, identify ways in which religion can help or hinder individuals as … Read more

Fair Minded Reasoning

Demonstrate the skills you have learned in this class as you strive to manifest the ability to arrive at conclusions based upon a fair-minded analysis of the best reasoning on both sides of issues. This includes presenting and evaluating the best arguments on each side, followed by a presentation of your own argument for your … Read more

Philosophy of social media

Philosophers of Technology have often argued that technologies are value-laden rather than being merely value-neutral. One reason for thinking so is because the act of building or making always presupposes value-judgments about what we think is worth building or making in the first place. Put another way, what we make or build often reveals what … Read more

Final Project

  Based on this article, complete the following: Describe and summarize the theory or theories used in this article and name the social science discipline they come from.  The theory is that more social anxiety symptoms result in more harmful drinking and negative consequences. These people have more problematic drinking patterns than those who exhibit … Read more